Mina Bonino with Partner Federico Valverde Partner

Mina Bonino is an well-known TV journalist and Sports presenter. Although the world knows her as the real married and girlfriend of Uruguayan star Federico Valverde. Now people also know her by the name of “Mina Valverde” after marrying Federico Valverde.

Mina Bonino Biography

Mina Bonino is a well-known WAG, journalist, and Sports presenter. She is known to be wife of Federico Valverde (Real Madrid Uruguay midfielder). Mina was born in on October 13, 1993 in Buenos Aires in Argentina, which means Mina Bonino age is 29 years. October 13 makes Libra her zodiac sign. she is also the mother of baby boy name Benicio Valverde, After few years of marrying Fede Valverde. Her nationality is Argentinian, but she does live in Madrid, Spain, as her soulmate plays for Real Madrid over there. Mina is Christian and is a big devotee and hence, it does allow her to give his children the value of respecting the Lord Jesus.

Mina Bonino
Mina Bonino

Mina Bonino Physical Appearance

Meena works in the sports media industry, so it motivates her to keep her fitness levels alive. Federico Valverde’s girlfriend, Mina Bonino has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches which makes her a pro model height and her weighs is 66 kg. She is a constant gym freak. It helps to bring her weight and body figure to a very good level. She has hazel green eyes and brown hair – but prefers to dye her hair. She has a tattoo on her right upper thigh where she has written something. In addition, Bonino did a bit of cosmetic surgery.

Mina Bonino : Education

Mina Bonino has a BA in journalism degree. She did do her journalism education at the University of Buenos Aires. She did get her basic education from Buenos Aires, which is the capital of Argentina. She did learn English also during her school days and hence, she can speak two languagesSpanish and English. She did try to learn French also – but her passion for becoming a journalist overpowered that. Hence, it has helped her to become a successful journalist which was her aim when she used to see presenters hosting shows of football on television. The love of River Plate did help her to become who she is.

Mina Bonino Family

Mina Bonino’s childhood was spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There is not much online about her parents but let talk about her current family which includes her, her husband and child. Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde met in 2019 and within months they started to have a relationship. In Feb 2020, they did welcome a baby boy too. They did know about each other in 2018. But at that time, the pair wanted to keep things personal. However, things did change in 2019. The pair now live in a very rich manner in Spain and does enjoy the fruits of life.

Mina Bonino’s Husband Federico Valverde

Federico Valverde is a famous professional footballer who was born on 22 July 1998 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Which means his age is 24 years, with height of 5 feet and 9 inches tall and his weight 78 kg. He did start playing football at the age of three when he joined Estudiantes de la Unión academy in 2001 and stayed there until the middle of 2008. In 2008, he was taken by Peñarol, where he did learn major things about football up until 2015 as a year later, in 2016, Real Madrid joined him in their academy’s B side first for the 2016-17 season.

It allowed him to make his debut for Real Madrid in 2017. However, he did make his professional debut for Peñarol in the 2015-16 season, where he did play 12 times in the domestic league. He started to play for Uruguay U15 in 2012 and then played for U17, U18 and U20 teams. In 2017, he made his debut for Uruguay National Football Team. At the European club level, he has won every competition with Real Madrid.

He is known to be a midfielder who is box-to-box and likes to keep on doing short passes for pushing the attacks forward. This is the main reason he has been at the mega football side Real Madrid for such a long time.

Mina Bonino Son “Benicio Valverde”

Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde are the couple who welcomed their first and only child till now. Benicio Valverde Born on February 20, 2020. His height and weight is still unknown. He was born in Madrid, Spain, right before the world started to have the COVID-19 wave. As he was born a month before COVID hit Europe as a whole, it did help the family to give him extra care. It was a very challenging and shocking moment for the couple as the world did not know much about the virus back then.

Good-looking Mina Bonino with her Baby
Good-looking Mina Bonino with her Baby

However, he did get the care and got out of the major problem. Julio Valverde, the father of Federico, is the grandfather of Benicio. February 20 makes Pisces his zodiac sign. After his birth, the pair made an Instagram profile named as beni_valverde or Valverde Bonino Family <3. It was the profile made by the fan. Even the profile does have 44.9K followers. It does show the fame the family has.

Mina Bonino Professional Career

Mina is a sports presenter and a journalist. She got famous for hosting the TV program Debo Decir. Her charming personality has helped her climb the corporate ladder fast, and she has reached stability in her career. Mina is also a brand ambassador with multiple Beauty Brands. She has worked with several high-profile brands.

As she has fame in the county, many brands use her face to promote their product. She is a well-known and respected journalist, and that’s why many people follow her shows. Mina is also an Instagram influencer. She has a large fanbase and uses the platform to promote products and brands. Through her promotion, she earns a handsome sum. After the social media industry had seen significant growth during the lockdown, Valverde’s girlfriend used her power on social media to promote positive content.

Mina Bonino Social Media

Mina Bonino has used her power as a WAG and journalist in a very big manner. It has helped her to have more than 845K followers on Instagram. She does follow around 246 accounts only. One can see many timelines she has created over there about her life and family too.

One can see her showing her love for the beaches where bikinis do elevate her look to the next level. She is very much famous on TikTok and she has shared the link to her TikTok profile on her Instagram bio also, where she calls her herself a journalist. Other than Real Madrid, one can see how much as loves her childhood side River Plate, which is one of the richest sides, history-wise, in football. Even her son does follow his mother’s side River Plate. She is one of the most famous and good-looking WAGs of the 21st century.

Mina Bonino Social Media
Mina Bonino Social Media

Mina’s Net Worth

Mina Bonino net worth is around of 1.6 million USD as of 2023. She is a very rich lady who has earned big sums in her 20s only. Mina is a lady who likes to be filled with luxury. Therefore, she has a mega collection of 90 luxury bags, 80 sunglasses and 90 pairs of shoes/sandals. Dior is the brand she likes the most. She does like to spend money on luxury things. This does talk a lot about Bonino and the life she lives. Mina is also a huge fan of sports cars. She does like to spend her money to buy good-looking bikinis and outfits also.

Her love of life Federico Valverde net worth is 21 Million euros (18.2 Million Pounds) . The fame and richness of Valverde become better every single season as he is one of the best-paid footballers in La Liga, which is not a normal thing. They do have a villa in Madrid where the family has put the white aesthetic at their home.

Mina Bonino Hobbies and Trivia

  • Mina Bonino is the girlfriend of football player Federico Valverde. They are together since 2019.
  • Benicio Valverde is the son of Mina Bonino and Federico Valverde.
  • Mina is a huge fan of the River Plate. In Europe, she supports Real Madrid.
  • Mina is a journalist by profession.
  • She likes Spanish, South American, and French cuisines the most.
  • She does like to spend most of her time at the beaches.
  • Mina is a huge fan of Will Smith.
  • Sergio Ramos is her all-time favourite football player. Ramos is the ex-teammate of Federico Valverde at Real Madrid.
  • She does like pink and red colour.
  • Her love of bikinis is at another level.


Q Who is Mina Bonino?

Mina Bonino is a journalist, TV presenter and girlfriend of footballer Federico Valverde of Uruguay.

Q How many UCL has Valverde won?

Federico Valverde has won just the Champions League once in the 2021-22 season when his side Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in the final in Pairs, France.

Q Is Mina Bonino married?

Mina Bonino lives with Federico Valverde in Spain but they have not married despite having a kid named Benicio Valverde.

Q Who is Federico Valverde’s child?

Federico Valverde is blessed to have one child – a boy – Benicio Valverde with his girlfriend Mina Bonino.

Q Is Mina Bonino married?

Mina Bonino is not married yet – but she will get married to Federico Valverde. The pair lives in Madrid, Spain with their son Benicio Valverde.

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