When talking about guest blogging, some steps require more attention because if you don’t do it in the right way, the goal of your post is going to be lost. It is possible that you may end up not getting any readers, comments and even things that appear to be disappointing.

When you hire guest post service uk for your tasks, you may get matchless experts and results that you desire. But when you perform guest blogging tasks yourself then there are things that you need to avoid and some things to prioritize.  Here are 5 Dos and don’ts of guest blogging you must know:


  1. Read the submission rules 

Always know the rules like specific word count to reach, stay limited to the number of backlinks you may include or to write in a similar style to what already the platform has there. Following a publisher’s rules is the clearest way to get your article published.

  1. Provide Quality Content

Nothing will hurt your blogging outcomes more than trashing another person’s platform or website. Producing guest posts that are promotional, and have no substance to the reader will do your business no good.  

  1. Try to network 

Once guest blogging, don’t just post and then forget about it. Possibly folks will comment on what you wrote, and it gets you a great chance to reach out to, and meet fresh people in your niche. Disregarding what others have to share about your post shows a lack of respect. Don’t forget guest blogging is all about staying social.

  1. Enjoy Yourself

If you are not enjoying what you are putting into your guest posts, the posts might not convey the information and mood. You do have to put your heart, soul and mind into the posts you create. Once you have a guest post with all these things in it, only then it will impact the reader.

  1. Never compromise with quality 

No matter in which field you are, if you are guest posting, make sure quality is there at all times. Don’t compromise with the quality of your content or you might end up harming your own business. Quality is the backbone.


  1. Overdoing the links 

Though it is extensively accepted for you to leave one, or even two links at the end of the guest post, what you must avoid is leaving so many links. If you put so many links in your post, you might defer your readers.

  1. Don’t write for every site 

It makes no sense for a beauty business owner to contribute to a food blog, or vice versa. So, create content for the right platform and then post. Where you post also makes a difference so be wise about it.

  1. Don’t miss on linking 

One of the finest things about guest blogging is that it allows you to pick up a huge of new readers and subscribers. Offering a valuable post with stimulating content is definite to entice people to find out more about your site. So, always ensure you link up the post by adding a link in the post.

  1. No to Same content 

Never share the same content to multiple websites. Sites want original content and not something that is copied and pasted from an article that already rests on your site. It will hurt the ranking of your business.

  1. Don’t write for writing sake 

Guest posting is not about submitting anything and everything on your mind. Make sure you put strategy and thought to what you are writing. There has to be a purpose of your post or it might do no good to your business.


So, if you use guest posting service, they know the tricks to get perfect results. But if you are guest blogging yourself, make sure to follow the dos and don’ts mentioned in this post.