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Han Moo Yeong is a proud wife and became a sensational personality as fans of Kim Kang-Woo began interrogating more about her. If you are looking more into Han Moo Yeong as well, this article is the right place to be.

Physical appearance of Han Moo Yeong 

Han Moo Yeong has a height of 5’7 ft but her weight is unknown. She has black eyes and black hair, which is a lovely combination for her soft personality.

Family of Han Moo Yeong

Han Moo Yeong’s exact date of birth is not known but it has to be somewhere around the early 1980s, meaning she’s currently in her 40s. Her family is local to Damyang County and the three siblings including Han Moo Yeong were born and brought up in Damyang itself. They lived a normal lifestyle and much is not known about the same.

Early life and Education of Han Moo Yeong 

Han Moo Yeong was born into a typical Christian family based in South Korea and is the eldest among her siblings Han Hye-Jin, a Korean actress herself, and Han ka-Yeong. Their father’s identity goes by the name HanGwon-Soo. Han Moo Yeong was a school student at Eunkwang Girls High school. 

What does Han Moo Yeong do for a living? 

Han Moo Yeong likes being secluded, despite her husband and sisters’ major influence in the Korean industry. She keeps most of her details to herself but we do know that she’s familiar with the entertainment industry primarily because of Han Hye-jin’s presence in it. As for her husband, Kim Kang-Woo, he’s a leading actor in the industry and gave movie fanatics several blockbusters before.

Personal life of Han Moo Yeong and her marriage with Korean actor 

Before the initial plans of marriage happened, Kim and Han dated for about seven years until they were ready for the big day on the 18th of June, 2010. They married in the Myeongdong Cathedral in a private ceremony. A year after the marriage, their first daughter was welcomed into the family. 

Awards & achievements of Han Moo Yeong 

Han Moo Yeong and what exactly she does for a living is a big mystery as she chooses to remain under the curtains. As such, her life achievements are a mystery, too. 

Social media of Han Moo Yeong 

Regardless of Kim Kang-Woo being the husband of Han Moo Yeong, she remains secluded and has no trace of her in any social media networks. 

Net worth of Han Moo Yeong 

Yet again, Han Moo Yeong has kept her net worth a secret. As for Kim Kang-Woo, he is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million


Han Moo Yeong is much of a secretive person and the internet does not contain information about her. She lived a pretty normal life before meeting Kim Kang-Woo, after which, her life has overturned drastically. But for her, a humble living and secluded lifestyle is a priority. 

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