Tom Fischbach

ABOUT: Tom Fischbach

Tom Fischbach who is also known as Thomas Fischbach is a famous family member and is mainly well known because people identify him as the brother of the very popular Mark Fischbach. He was born on 28th of July in the year 1987, which makes his zodiac sign – a Leo. That makes him 35 years old, as of now. He is also a well known comic book artist mainly known for creating the web comic known as – Two Kinds. Although his brother his very famous, he rarely makes public appearances with him or he does not even like to be in front of the camera or press / news.

He was seen a few times but that is because Mark Fischbach pressed for his appearance. He was born in the United States of America and is purely American if we talk about his nationality. To be more precise, his birth was Hawaii. Not many people know this but his full birth name is Jason Thomas Fischbach. He is currently living with his family in Cincinnati which is a city in Ohio. According to the records, he is currently living a single life. He studied radiation therapy at the University of Cincinnati. Currently Thomas’s physical height, weight & other measurements are unknown and we will update you as soon as we get any information.

EARLY LIFE: Tom Fischbach

He was born on 28th of July in Hawaii and moved to Cincinnati. His father was Cliffton Fischbach who was an ex officer of the Army who was from Germany. His mother was Sunok who was from South Korea. After a time period of two years, his younger brother Mark was born. Their family moved around a bit finally got situated in a rural area in Ohio. Both Thomas and Mark were raised here. The house in which they used to stay had a large backyard that led into the woods, where the two brothers would often play. The marriage did not last long and their parents split up because they argued a lot.

Tom Fischbach


He was interest in art but his interest turned into his passion when he was around 15 years old. He started drawing after researching random web toons on the internet. His inspiration of writing the comic two kinds came from his own school where foreign students suffered from racism. He tried to write a book first, but later realized that web toon work suits him better. He published it on October 22, 2003.


He belongs to one of the richest and popular families of this world. His brother also has his fortune and he himself is a famous web toon artist. According to sources, his net worth is roughly $1.5 million dollars.


  • His comics and work are mostly done on anthropomorphic creature, he claims that he is not a “Furry.”
  • The first anime Thomas watched was the 1998 animated fantasy film – My neighbour Totoro who he considered as an inspiration for his art.

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