Yoga Meme

The yoga meme templates have some really hilarious images in their collection. I mean, how can they not? Its a bunch of templates with images of people doing yoga in weird body postures. Yogis are not crazy people, they are also human beings who enjoy a good meme, they are the fittest but their sense of humor may be even fitter. What is a more better way to make the fitness freaks laugh other than some amazing, funny yoga memes? There are a lot of yoga memes on the internet. The Indian version of this meme is the famous meme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi doing yoga which got many views and shares.


The yoga memes are great so a break when things get stressful. There are so many people worldwide that like yoga, you may be even one of them. Memes act as a good way of taking a break. For the gym freaks and yoga people, these memes work very great because they can relate so much to them. For a lot of people, yoga is not a child’s play. It consists of tough routines and is not very easy to learn. Regardless of it’s difficulty, many still want to learn yoga because it is undoubtedly one the best exercises in the world to stay fit. If people are having a bad time learning yoga, then instead of getting stressed, they can practice and laugh at the yoga memes which will motivate them, relieve their stress and they will be able to do the routines in no time.

Yoga Meme


  • A picture of a dog with closed eyes and inhaling the air on a sunny day : When the teacher asks you to do a demi pose and you nail it.
  • Narendra modi sitting vs Narendra Modi doing yoga : When watching tv vs when mom says bring dhaniya from store.
  • When yoga is not working out for you : Come on inner peace, I don’t have all day.
  • A picture that shows two people doing the same pose, the difference is that one is doing yoga and one has done vodka.
  • My crying face : When instructor comes and says, lets stand and do yoga!
  • When you want to go to the yoga class but can’t trust your farts.
  • When all your friends are drinking but you went to yoga class instead : Yogaholic.
  • When you do yoga outdoors and feel mesmerized : Earth is beautiful.
  • When you achieve a really difficult posture and the teacher says : Good now stay like that for 10 min
  • *Drinks coconut water once* : I will sign up for yoga to stay fit


Sharing memes are slowly becoming an important aspect of our lives. Social media or Internet without memes would be as empty as a fish tank without fishes. Memes started off as just a time pass, true. But looking at today’s timeline, memes have become so mainstream and popular. Laughing from the bottom of our heart is the one instant and free solution that can help us fight depression / anxiety and make us relaxed. We all have our problems, different people, different problems. We are all fighting our own demons inside. Watching memes, getting happiness from sharing memes allows us to lighten up our mood and elevate our dopamine levels. Memes have the capacity to serve mental problems.

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