John Terry

The net worth of John Terry is humongous and indeed at another level. Terry is considered to be one of the best defenders of his generation and the best English defender ever. He is a Chelsea legend who has been exceptional while being at Chelsea. John was adjudged the UEFA club defender of the year in 2005, 2008 and 2009. He was named in the All-Star team of the 2006 FIFA world cup and was the only English player to feature in the team.

John Terry is also the most successful captain of the Chelsea Football club. He won everything at the club level during his time with Chelsea. John led Chelsea to 5 premier league titles, one Europa League title and one UEFA champions league title. He is one of the most decorated football players in history. Outside his club career, He also was a vital part of the English National side. He also captained the England football team.

John Terry Net Worth

The net worth of John Terry is estimated to be around a whopping $75 million. During his playing days, he earned a lot of money through salaries and endorsements as he was one of the most sought after players during his peak. He has managed his finances very well and even after retirement is one of the richest footballers.

John Terry
Net Worth of John Terry

He had a decorated career with Chelsea due to which he was able to earn a good amount of money. He is mighty rich and taking good care of his family with his humongous net worth. John has now turned into a manager where he will be earning more money and increasing his net worth. He was appointed assistant head coach of Aston Villa and was with the club for three years before departing in 2021. He is looking for a good managerial move nowadays.

John Terry Net Worth: Playing Style

John Terry was a typical, strong and very physical defender. He was known for his tough play and uncompromising nature. In addition to his defensive play, He was always a threat for the opposition team due to his brilliant aerial ability making him a great threat with the corner play. He was regarded as one of the best stoppers during his time at Chelsea. His brilliant ability to read the game was one of the best abilities he had while playing. He was also known for his leadership ability. His vision and reading of the game compensated for his lack of pace. His physique was that of a natural defender. Many great players have also regarded John Terry as the best centre back the game has ever seen.  For more updates, visit:


John Terry has always been involved in controversies throughout his career. He along with three players were fined by Chelsea for his involvement in an incident with American tourists at Heathrow Airport. John also faced legal issues for this. He also faced allegations of an extramarital affair. In 2011, John Terry was alleged for racial abuse. He has also been stripped of England Captaincy because of allegations of racial abuse. Though his career has been marred with various controversies he still remains to be a legend of the game.

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