In the software development project, the team working on the project plays the most important role. There are many members of the team that play an important role than the other members. For example, the development team is responsible for developing the project whereas the testing team is responsible for testing and reporting the problems with the code. A product owner is an important member of the team of product development. In this article, we will discuss why the demand for a product owner is increasing. A product owner must possess a CSPO certification. The certification ensures that he/she has the right capabilities for handling a scrum team. Product owner training helps an individual to guide the team efficiently in the product development process. 

A product owner is the most responsible scrum team member. He/she is responsible for checking the product backlog and making sure that it is worked on priority. The product owner represents the company, and he/she is the one who deals with the customers at every step of product development.

More and more companies are hiring product owners because a product owner helps you in using the money wisely for completing the project. The main role of the product owner is to instruct the team members and assign them specific roles while working on product development, suggesting product functionality by choosing the best ROI in mind, and making improvements to speed up the process of product development.

Benefits of Hiring a CSPO

The demand for product owners is increasing because having a product owner in the team is beneficial to an organization in many ways:

  • Helps the Team to Communicate Properly

The main role of a product owner is to make sure that he/she communicates the ideas of the consumer or the stakeholders properly to the development team members so that they develop the right product in the end. They form the right connection between the stakeholders and the team members by communicating the demand of stakeholders to the team at every step of product development. They have to remain available to the company and team for assistance at every step. He/she is responsible for addressing any problems that may arise while working on product development. He/she is also responsible for boosting the confidence of the team so that the team can work with full passion to give the best results.

  • Presents New Ideas For Improving the Product Development Process

A product owner is responsible for finding any flaws in product development. They will work on the areas that need improvement and will make changes. They work closely with the development team and help them in the product creation process to make the best quality product. This also helps in improving the product vision of the entire team.  The product owner uses the right strategies to find new ways of creating a high-quality product. They work on different areas such as story mapping, target personas, product vision, competitor analysis, data analysis, model canvases, etc. for stable product development.  The role of the product owner is to make the team focused on developing the product so that they can create the required product for the stakeholders.  The product owner also has to ensure that the team understands the product’s vision.

The team must be aware of the needs of the product development. If the team understands the product vision they can work more efficiently on building the final product. A product owner is also responsible for organizing the data properly so that the team can work efficiently.

  • Determines the Complexity of the Product

The Product Owner (or specifically CSPO) will use different tools and techniques such as story mapping, splitting, etc., to help the team in understanding the scope of the product development and working more efficiently. He/she will be responsible for determining the complexity of the product and will make it easy for the team to understand the product vision in simple and easy language.

Assists in Saving Money & Making Short/Long-term Plans

Another duty of the product owner is to ensure that the budget offered for particular product development is spent wisely. He/she can find ways for saving money and finishing the product development within budget. This requires long and short-term planning for achieving the aim of finishing the product within budget.

The product owner can use different approaches to make a balance between business value and operational expenditure. This is useful for business growth. A product owner is responsible for giving an actual estimate for completing a particular project. This helps in making a long-term plan for product development. This also helps the company in making the right decisions at the right time. The company can also use the resources in the right direction at the right time for competing in the market.

The product owner is also responsible for short-term planning when working with the team. He/she is responsible for making short-term plans for every step of product development. This helps in finishing the project on time and delivering the same to the stakeholders. He/she can discuss the product development needs with the customers at every step so that there is no doubt left and the product development is completed on time.  Product owners help the development team in prioritizing the work so that the workflow is in the right direction.

  • Outlines the Business Needs of an Organization

The product owner is also responsible for emphasizing the business needs of an organization. He/she is responsible for helping the business owner or an organization to understand the business needs and help to move in the same direction. The team also finds the right solutions to meet the company’s needs through continuous discussions.

  • Works on Product Backlog for Effective Product Development

Another important role of a product owner is to work on the product backlog. He/she must have a clear understanding of the product backlog. The product backlog includes short and long-term planning of the project. This will give a clear and transparent idea to the team members of the work done for completing the project.  A properly managed and arranged backlog will help the team figure out problems at every step and find solutions quickly and effectively.  They can also relate the connection between the first step and the next step by knowing the product backlog. Thus, the product owner must make the team understand the importance of the product backlog. The product backlog is a sequence of steps used for product development.

  • Evaluates the Product Development at Each Step

The product is responsible for evaluating and examining product development at every step. He/she has to ensure that the product is made following the ideas suggested by the stakeholders. If the product is not made to meet the consumer’s requirements then the product owner can suggest changes to the team. The product owner is responsible for producing a high-quality product at the end that is following the consumer’s requirements.


A Certified Scrum Product Owner® is the most important member of the Scrum team working on product development. He/She is an efficient and hardworking member of the team who is responsible for ensuring that the end product is of high quality. CSPO® is responsible for ensuring that the customers get the best product quality at the end and the product is delivered on time. Product Owner training empowers the individual to represent the company and be responsible for maintaining the reputation of an organization. Thus, the demand for CSPO®-certified professionals is increasing day by day.