Like CBD, THC also originates from the Cannabis or the Marijuana plant. Cannabinoids present in THC are similar to natural chemicals found in the human body called Cannabinoids. THC is the abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabinol, and another name of THC is Delta 9.

If you are reading this, you must always have been curious about the effects of THC on your body and mind and what ways of its consumption are. So, please read our guide about THC to know every aspect of it in detail. First, we will tell you what THC is?

What is THC or Delta 9?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is a medicinal property found in the parts of the Cannabis plant. THC is mainly a psychoactive profile of Cannabis. It is one of the Cannabinoids among 113 total Cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant. Generally, THC is available depending on its multiple isomers, but THC mainly refers to Delta-9-THC creating euphoric effects of sedation Thus, THC’s psychoactive profile by trying Delta 9 vape pen can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help in boosting energy, uplifting mood, and increasing concentration. Some natural properties of THC may also help in reducing pain and increasing metabolism.


The hemp plant is the source of CBD or Cannabidiol. It has a good number of health benefits. It is one of the most prominent herbal alternatives that has recently become very popular. This is a psychoactive relative of THC. CBD and THC have several things in common. Both are also neuroprotective elements that help reduce stress and anxiety improves sleeping.

THC and CBD have an analgesic profile that also helps in reducing pain. Chronic pain relief cures migraine-like problems. In the first appearance, CBD and THC seem to be exact. But CBD is less sedative and high than TCH; this also makes CBD popular in more countries than that THC.

Another difference is that CBD is present in Hemp and Cannabis plants, but THC is only present in Cannabis; thus, the number of research conducted on CBD is more than THC.

How THC works on your body and mind?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC interacts with natural Cannabinoids of our body, but that is not all. There is more to it. It gets mixed into your blood and reaches your brain in a few seconds. And interacts with your brain’s cannabinoid receptor.

It takes control of mental processes like memory, concentration, motor movements, and thinking by installing itself in the cerebellum and cerebral cortex.

Dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness. After connecting to cannabinoid receptors, it starts stimulating brain cells to give away more dopamine. Thus, THC can give rise to euphoric feelings, calmness, and lightheadedness.

But on the downside, higher doses of THC can cause hallucinations, changed thinking, anxiety, and depression. Harsh side effects of THC on the body may include an increase in appetite, dizziness, dry mouth, and slow down.

Methods of Consumption

The methods of consuming THC differ from person to person as it works for dosages. Here we will tell you some exciting and easy ways you can take your THC


This method is a popular choice among old users of THC, but newbies should avoid this process of ingesting THC. This process helps you get 80% to 95% cannabinoids while eliminating unwanted toxins, which is quite the opposite of smoking.

In this method, you a vaporizing device that heats up the THC kept in a small container so that you can take the vape to ingest it. The best quality devices for vaping like CBD vape pens are very easily available from reliable platforms like Organic CBD Nugs which you may want to check out in case you prefer this method of consumption.


This is the most done and dusted method of taking THC. It is also the most popular and easiest way of ingesting weed. There are many forms of smoking that you can consider, like bubbler, joint, hookah, blunt, bong, etc., if you want to experiment with smoking.


Absorb THC refers to several methods of THC absorption that do not include methods like eating, drinking, or smoking. To understand how THC can be absorbed, you can see the THC absorption products like cream, dissolvable strips, patches, and tinctures. The creams are made to direct medical issues rather than act as a sedative. Dissolvable stripes work more like the breath-freshening stripes, and the patches work as any nicotine patches, which last 4-6 hours. And tincture work similar to any other tincture.


Eating is the simplest way to take marijuana. In simple words, when you eat Marijuana or THC, it directly goes to your liver. There Cannabinoid absorbs by the liver and quietly transfers it to the body parts faster than other forms of THC. Also, it creates a solid and long-lasting effect rather than smoking or vapor consumption.

When someone takes THC by munching marijuana, only 20% of the Cannabinoids are released in a time. But the effects of eating THC can last for 6 hours.

Different Products

Other than the raw extracts of THC, there is also a wide range of products available in the market. Like the vapors, candies, THC cigarettes, puffs, patches, dissolvable stripes, and many more.


THC is the main element in the Marijuana strain. It has vast health-beneficial properties, but some people may discard the beneficial sides of THC. But in recent times, many researchers have shown evidence to support the fact that THC may have some toxic elements but also has a wide range of health benefits.