One of the major sunglasses trends for 2022 is probably the variety of vibrant and expressive frames that it inspires. 

But in addition to the nerd-chic effect of a grandpa sweater or the intrinsically geeky appearance of socks and sandals, other lively and daring looks with a sense of confidence that is so uncool it’s cool for grand millennials are also important. 

It is probably the result of the past two years’ shut-in lifestyle, during which time screen time reached an all-time high and optical glasses replaced contacts as the preferred alternative. 

Common Sunglasses Types & Trendy Styles For 2022

Strong geometric frames and eyewear with brilliant colors are this year’s top sunglass trends, which are influenced by fashions from the late 1990s. You can still discover your classics if you enjoy the vintage-inspired styles. 

Just be ready for classy twists and touches that will make you stand out while maintaining a low-key environment.

  1. Colored Acetate

In terms of color differences, sunglasses have typically always been very straightforward. Typically, your options are restricted to tortoiseshell or black, depending on how risky you feel. 

In light of this, it was only a matter of time until the public started to ask for something bolder and brighter, and now their cries are being heard.

You may feel that this eyewear fad is inappropriate for a man of your caliber, but keep in mind that being colorful does not imply being vulgar. Consider terracotta-colored browns and greens, transparent navy and gray, and burnt orange and maroon. 

Use discretion, and it’s a wonderful way to add a splash of flair to an otherwise simple ensemble.

  1. Transparent

Sunglasses are transparent, as is only natural. Without them, we would regularly run into barriers and become disoriented while traveling to the store. That is correct for lenses, but opaque frames have generally always been the norm.

See-through eyeglasses have been popularizing for a few years, and this year they’ve become a significant eyewear option to take into account. 

It’s plain, yet eye-catching; straightforward, yet unique; and a good way to give traditional silhouettes a modern twist.

  1. Sporty Silhouettes

No matter what we think, the trend cycle never ends. No matter how much we may wish to think that certain fashion trends are irretrievable, sooner or later they’ll bubble back to the top. Consider athletic, streamlined eyewear.

Nobody will try to convince you that wraparound blinds are ageless or necessary. But that’s not what they are—they’re one of the greatest trends in eyewear right now. It’s probably better to refrain from replacing every pair of sunglasses in your collection with frameless Oakleys if you want to maintain your dignity, but on the positive side, your bike gear now looks a little bit sharper.

  1. Geometrics

That pretty much sums up the realistic choices when it comes to choosing a form for your sunglasses, unless you’re Elton John. But things are starting to shift. A significant trend in designer sunglasses is the emergence of geometric styles. 

Although it may sound corny, many of the more understated shapes with rounded edges and hexagonal frames are very wearing.

  1. Stylish Color Tinted Sunglasses

The tinted lens trend for sunglasses is among the largest ones that survived last year’s ashes and is still going strong today. The lens color possibilities for this particular sunglass model are a wide variety of pastel hues. It follows that you have a choice.

 Sunglasses lenses come in a variety of colors, from pink to burned orange, to light blue and sunshine yellow.

While very stylish, these glasses are not exactly sunglasses. When worn on the beach, they don’t provide much sun protection. As an alternative, consider them as a stylish addition to any of your springtime ensembles. Numerous different personalities fit these color-tints wonderfully.

  1. Oversized ’70s Square Sunglasses

Since a few years ago, retro-vintage oversized ’70s square sunglasses have become popular. A pair of square or rectangular frames modeled by your grandfather’s eyewear is one approach to embrace retro-vintage style. Any fashionista can quickly fall in love with these retro-inspired sunglasses.

 With complete protection from the sun’s wrinkle-causing rays, these fashionable and useful frames are perfect for the summer.

Your mysterious appeal is boosted by oversized frames and the square shape highlights your angular features for a more defined appearance.

  1. Massive Cat-Eye Sunglasses

This season is also all about the oversized cat-eye sunglasses. This feminine shape, which is exclusive to women, is ideal for lengthening the face and highlighting the cheekbones. Your style is given a distinct retro-vintage edge by these look-at-me glasses.

Try the over-the-top sunglasses in modern patterns instead if you’re feeling very bold. It’s clear that you’re either going big or going home in these pairs of semi-rimless cat-eye sunglasses because they are so full of personality and personality.


Whatever your preference, there are plenty of eyewear trends this year for you to pick from. So why not push yourself and step outside of your comfort zone by accessorizing your outfits this coming season with a killer pair of sunglasses