Overcome the unseen there is furthermore! Just when we think we have seen and achieved everything – the Universe reveals to us that we actually haven’t seen even a fraction of anything. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is the most powerful device ever launched into space. The footage it managed to capture will remain in the history of mankind.

The images from Webb’s telescope are a milestone in astronomy and in the history of the human race. The pictures look like craggy mountains on a moonlit evening but it is representing the edge of a nearby, young, star-forming region NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula.

Brake the ranges of your universe! Perun Virtual Races is inspired by the spectacular telescope and its images. The range of human will and capacity is unlimited. That’s why we challenge you to win this medal with passion and push your limits to the range of the Universe.

This is a unique challenge in a pivotal moment for mankind. At this point, humans pushed their limit to the edges of the Universe. Universe Unseen Challenge encourages you to pursue your dreams, to dream big, to never give up and to take what you want. This time you don’t compete with other people. This time you compete against the entire Universe.

The medal we have designed is one of a kind – it is in the shape of the James Webb Space Telescope and it’s double-sided. The distance is printed on the ribbon.

How to participate – visit our virtual races website perunrace.com. Find the universe virtual challenge. 1. Choose a distance to complete and book your virtual race. A few minutes after booking, you will receive a confirmation email and personalized race bib. 2. Complete the challenge when is convenient for you. Use any app or smartwatch to track your run. 3. Submit your time by filling the form out on our webpage. After completion you will receive a personalized certificate by email and your shiny medal will be shipped out. The tracking number of the parcel will be sent as well by email.

Our mission is to keep our runners motivated for sport, always completing their goals and at the same time collecting medals with unique designs.

We are brave enough to claim that our virtual race medals are special because of their innovative technology production in the EU and the combination of many different materials such as metal, plastic, wood and other elements.

The PROS to participate in a virtual race

  • stay motivated for sport
  • have a goal to complete
  • push yourself further
  • collect shiny medals
  • stressless way to participate in sports events
  • run your way 365/24/7
  • no fancy gear required
  • gain new friends on social media

Why Perun Virtual Races

What we can give you more?

We are all runners at Perun Virtual Races. We will help, support, involve, push, encourage and do whatever else is needed to make you complete your challenge and feel strong and happy about your achievements. Our aim is to help you be the better version of yourself. Look in the mirror – this is your only competition.

More for James Webb Space Telescope

Before JWST the most successful space instrument was The Hubble space telescope. Today Hubble is like the less developed cousin of James Webb. The difference between them is that JWST is the next generation device, it’s 100 times more powerful and has the ability to see infrared lights, which are invisible frequencies.