Have you ever had a day where you looked around your house and felt at home but wished that you could upgrade it and make it prettier? Is the answer to that scenario a big, fat yes?

Maybe it’s time to consider building a patio for your house!

The months are rolling by, and as June comes around knocking on your door, it would be time for mild winter mornings in Brisbane. That’s the perfect time to sit on your patio and enjoy a little sunshine with a cup of hot coffee.

Does the idea seem inviting to you? Great! Then you must consider some of the following essential factors before you build a patio in Brisbane!

Getting a License

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that to build a patio in Brisbane, you need a proper permit and other vital licenses.

It would be best to build the patio per the local building codes. Supervision of a professional, authorised individual or company who has received training under Queensland Building Services (QBS) is a must, too.

A license by QBS is essential!

Determining the Accessibility

Once you have a proper license, the next thing to consider is how accessible you want your patio to be. This will depend on how you aim to use your patio and how often.

For example, if you are hoping to eat outside often, amid nature, a patio connected with the kitchen would be perfect!

Figuring out the Location

Most people think that a patio must be attached to the house. But that’s not a thumb rule!

Think about what part of your house receives the most sunlight, especially if you want to spend idle time during lazy, late afternoons. Or, if you would like to enjoy the sun-setting moments, and the far side of your garden is ideal for it, then install a patio there!

This patio could potentially become the favourite hangout spot for your friends and you to have a few drinks and chat.

Getting the Right Measurements

Ascertaining the size of your patio furniture is crucial to getting the right size of the patio.

If you want to put two loungers and call it a day, a large patio will waste space. But, if you hope to set a 6-piece patio set, you need a large patio to contain the furniture with ease. Additionally, always leave some extra room for better access, too.

Choosing a Shape

If you don’t want to go down the conventional road of a rectangular or a square-sized patio, there are certainly other options.

Choose something with softer, curvier edges that could easily blend in with the surrounding foliage and plants. Fill any abstract space with stone chippings or gravel. It would add another layer of aesthetic appeal to the whole look.

Wrapping Up

One in two Australian homeowners is determined to make the best use of outdoor space for entertainment purposes. Given how enviably gorgeous the climate is in Brisbane, and considering the love for the outdoors, it makes complete sense to optimise the outdoor space.

Building a patio is the best way of doing so. Just get a license and determine the critical factors like accessibility, location, size, and shape.

Then go out and enjoy a mesmerising day out on your patio!

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