Masks are critical in the fight against the fatal covid-19 epidemic. However, when limiting communal transmission of the virus, it’s probably safe to state that any mask is better than no mask.

Selecting a suitable P2 N95 face mask is critical for maximum protection. And this process is influenced by various elements such as your head size, facial characteristics, personal behavioural habits, and professional environment.

Here are a few essential things you should consider when purchasing a face mask: 


Simple cotton-based masks that are washable and reusable effectively stop the virus’s spread. Thicker, denser textiles will perform better than thinner, more loosely woven ones because some materials can filter out more virus particles than others. Additionally, there are masks with adjustable straps that, depending on your face size and comfort level when wearing them for extended periods, can provide you with varying degrees of comfort.


Make sure the mask you select completely encloses your lips and nose, reaching at least an inch over the ends of your teeth and around the base of your chin like an anchor. If there are gaps on the sides of the mask, you may want to reconsider wearing it even though it should feel comfortable on the sides of your face and shouldn’t restrict your ability to breathe.


It is essential to consider your personal and professional environments when deciding which style of mask is appropriate for you. 

Disposable, fluid-resistant, and offering protection against infectious material droplets released when coughing, sneezing, and talking are triple-layer medical masks. Conversely, respirator masks with high filtration effectiveness against airborne particles, like the N-95 version, are made to fit closely over the face. Therefore, if you cannot wash it at home, you should dispose of your P2 N95 face mask after a certain period.

Easy Breathing 

When going outside, it is advised that individuals wear face masks. Therefore, you must pick a face mask that won’t make breathing difficult. This will enable you to keep your masks on for longer and may also promote peace and relaxation in you. Pick a mask made of absorbent material. 


Whether a face mask is reusable is one of the most crucial factors that may assist you in making the proper decision. In addition, using a washable and reusable mask may help save a lot of money and time because we need to wear face masks daily.

Avoid masks with exhalation valves.

It is best to avoid masks with an exhalation valve. Exhalation valves are present on some disposable or fabric masks. Exhalation is easier with the valve, but it discharges unfiltered air, so you won’t be protected from others if you’re contagious. 

Keep your mask clean.

It’s recommended to wash cotton masks in hot water with soap and detergent almost every day, according to experts. Then, before using the mask again, ensure it is thoroughly dry because a damp mask might restrict airflow and encourage the growth of bacteria.


Choosing a stylish face mask is simple, but selecting the appropriate one to protect you and your loved ones is more critical. Consider these factors when selecting a suitable face mask.