Underwear is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and cuts. It’s a good thing, too, because we, ladies, feel the same way! It’s also worth mentioning that the underwear and pantyhose we wear reveal a lot about our personalities. There are numerous factors to consider while selecting the greatest undergarment available. But, more importantly, it’s about projecting the greatest outfit possible without the risk of noticeable panty lines. When you purchase online, you’ll find a wide range of undergarments, from hipsters to g string. The combination of fibres, spandex, and cotton is the most typical material for panties.


Bras and knickers have become big businesses in Australia– women are now paying attention to what they buy. The best way to identify between underwear and lingerie styles is by function; thus, choosing the perfect one may make or break an outfit. Pants are the most personal aspect of our wardrobes, with the ability to make you feel confident, sexy, and at ease in your own body. They can make you feel special, at ease, sensual, flirty, fun, a bit sporty, colourful, and everything in between. Depending on whether you’re wearing the appropriate underwear for the occasion, your pick can make/ break your attire and your day. Here is a list of undie essentials every woman must try out and own this summer,

1. Hipsters

A hipster panty provides nearly the same back coverage as full briefs while maintaining the cosiness of boyshorts. Hipster panties resemble a cross among a boyshorts undie and bikinis in appearance. Hipster underwear provides a little additional coverage around the leg-line and sits a few inches underneath the waist. Adding several hipster undies on hand will be functional in various scenarios. Hipsters, in brief, provide medium coverage by covering the entire hip area. It features a high cut on the sides but provides adequate coverage. It goes well with overalls, thin jeans, and fitting dresses, making hipsters an undie that can be worn daily without sacrificing comfort.

2. Thongs

Thongs are worn with some gowns that would get ruined if the panty line showed. Thongs go well with shift dresses, slitted dresses, and figure-hugging pants and dresses. The thong provides a minimal level of coverage while still preventing panty lines. Thongs are designed to feel and seem hidden beneath jeans, fitting dresses, and leggings! You can wear a pair of thongs all day and not even notice it’s there. Thongs can be worn easily beneath fitting dresses, leggings, and slacks to avoid visible panty lines.

3. G string

G-string often has a tiny triangle of cloth in the front and only elastic or straps on the rest of the body. The front of the pantyhose or bikini has a triangular cloth held in place by loops on the outer corners. A tiny triangular shaped fabric will be exposed on the back. It is fashionable and quite comfortable. As the strings are attached to the groyne area, it creates a triangle shape. As a result, it provides minimal covering. When wearing tight-fitting clothing, this form gets used to conceal the panty line. Underneath body-con dresses and skirts, g-strings come in handy.

4. Briefs

This panty provides the most coverage, reaching the back and having a waistline that fits just over the belly button. Given the level of cover, it may provide some stomach and side contouring benefits. It is a basic underwear style for women that usually begins at the waist. Boxer briefs are boxers with a tight fit. Although they will be the same length as boxers, they will be streamlined and far more form-fitting. These pants are ideal for everyday use. They’re comfortable enough to wear to work, school, or perhaps even the club, and the proper fabric may assist you in setting the standard for the day.

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