Technology is still one of the main drivers of global change. Although it is still impossible to forecast how technological trends develop, CEOs may plan more effectively by keeping track of technology insights into new technology developments, speculating on potential applications, and comprehending the factors influencing innovation and acceptance. And here is a summary of the top 5 technology trends for 2022 so that you may better comprehend these data insights and think about how they apply to your company:

1. Applied AI

Companies will use AI to streamline processes and boost productivity in 2022 and the years after. Businesses should improve their IT infrastructure and data management to take advantage of commercial applications of artificial intelligence.

In a word, applied AI focuses on finding solutions to business issues and providing valuable insights. Additionally, as AI technologies advance the boundaries of innovation, business adoption will keep rising.

So, business executives should take note since AI has already impacted the bottom line. Currently, technology-centric industries are leading adoption, with marketing and sales, service operations, and product and service development being the critical business tasks.

2. Augmented Reality

Human augmentation refers to highly immersive experiences and improved human-computer interfaces that enable people to participate in the internet rather than use it as a resource. As such, devices powered by augmented reality and virtual reality are replacing two-dimensional screens in an expanding number of ways. 

Moreover, the human body will be increasingly enhanced over the next ten years with the help of bio-digital interfaces, exoskeletons, and other advances. This technology will dramatically impact how you view the world around you.

3. Clean Energy

Nearly everyone agrees that humanity must stop using fossil fuels to slow the harm humans have been causing to the world and the environment. As people look for new sustainable or renewable alternatives to coal, oil, and gas, this has resulted in several scientific and commercial advancements. 

In terms of the rate at which the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources will occur, 2022 is anticipated to establish a record. The year will also see the emergence of novel and unusual energy sources from research labs and pilot projects and their integration into daily life.

4. Mobility

Mobility is occurring with a move toward autonomous, connected, electric, and intelligent (ACES) technology. This change promises to upend markets while enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of ground and air transportation of people and goods. Meanwhile, the goal of mobility technology is to increase the sustainability and effectiveness of ground and air transportation for people and cargo.

5. Web3

Web3 is a collection of platforms and tools that support transitions to a future, decentralized internet with open standards and protocols, safeguarding digital property rights, giving users more control over how their data is used for monetization, and igniting new business models.

Based on a more decentralized, community-governed set of protocols, Web3 may signal a paradigm shift in power and ownership from the government to the individual, with potentially wide-ranging ramifications.

For organizations, technology insights are tremendously beneficial. They examine the technologies that support, integrate, and extend, allowing businesses to develop and transform based on information gathered from interviews with the vendor community. 

Technology has a significant impact on how businesses operate. And regardless of your business size, technology delivers concrete and abstract advantages that can help you generate revenue and deliver the outcomes your consumers want.