Sushil Singh

Sushil Singh, who is the founder and director of SaiVa SysTem, SaiVa AcadEmy, SSR Techvision and Just Wish, feels that it is crucial to take strong decisions for growing in a smart and formative manner. Well while working with so many people, it is crucial for one to make things stable for making sure that they do not cross lines. Being hard does not mean, saying bad things. In fact, it means doing great things for others so they can stay happy and live a perfect time in future. 

In the corporate world, there are people with very bad intentions. Most MNCs do work very well in terms of making employees happy as they that class of making things normal. However, in the other part of the world, there are people who do want others to grow. Hence, a professional needs to take hard decisions for making sure that he or she can make an impact worth doing something great. 

“If you see growth in or with a different team, then it is crucial to do that. Not everyone has great solutions every time as life is a learning process. However, that does not mean that it should stop a person from doing something great in the meantime,” said Sushil Singh. 

Being bold and aggressive is good sometimes. It might hurt a person but does give the never-ending support. Caring about someone is not only saying good things about a person but making sure that hard takes can be taken for their better future. 

“If you love your employees or people, it is not good to leave them in the middle and not think much about their better future. One needs to stay with their work on the mistakes so it does not lead to a huge blunder,” added Sushil Singh.

Leaving someone behind and not helping them to improve is a mistake. For personal and others’ growth, it is too crucial to let them know rather than being polite and not doing something productive.  

Teaching lessons can be a great learning process. With the right mindset and plan, most things do look productive. 

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