Sitare Akbas

Sitare Akbas: Intro

Sitare Akbas was born on October 6, 1988 in Istanbul. With a theatre degree from Istanbul University’s State Conservatory, she graduated. Her ability to depict a variety of personas helped her become well-known in the series she appeared in. The actress who portrayed Zeyno in the comedy series Akasya Dura from 2008 to 2010 had. It in mind while the script for this production was being developed. The actress, who has previously been in the TV programs Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne, Dila Hanm, Emanet, Urfalyam Ezelden, Analar, and Anneler, has recently attracted a lot of attention. The actress became successful and more well-known after securing the roles of Figen Yldrm in the Sen al Kapm play and Dilber in the television series Ramo.

In 2021, the actress who had previously played Sare in the television series Krmz Oda took part in the sound-producing Tünel shooting. Sitare Akbaş has acquired notoriety most lately. She was a well-known television actress who appeared in classic shows such as Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne (What’s Fatmagül’s Crime) and Dila Hanm.

Sitare Akbas: Creative Touch

The actress made her big screen debut as Dilber in the drama Ramo after first becoming well-known for her role as Figen in the television drama Sen al Kapm (Love is in the Air). The actress is taking part in a new production. If you recall, she portrayed Sare in the Krmz Oda (Red Room) television series.

Tansel Ngel joined a large number of users in congratulating her friend on their accomplishments on social media. Images of these celebrations were shared on Instagram by Sitare Akbaş. The actress is quite accustomed to performing the role of Zeyno because she has been a member of the Akasya Dura production crew since 2007.

Sitare Akbas

Life At Best

Tansel Ngel hosts Maske Kimsin Sen, a brand-new competition program on Fox TV, in addition to playing Naci in the Masumlar Apartman series.

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