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Sapna Pabbi: Bio

Sapna Pabbi, an Indian-born British citizen who was born on December 20, 1985, and raised in London, relocated to Mumbai after completing her studies at the Aston Business School in public policy and management and sociology. Her first project was producing a Sunsilk commercial, and soon after that, she was chosen for one of the lead roles in the Indian adaptation of the popular American television series 24. In the film 24, she made her acting debut as Kiran Rathod. In addition, Sapna made her B-Town debut in 2015 when she co-starred with Ali Fazal and Gurmeet Choudhary in the romantic horror movie Khamoshiyaan as the lead. Later, after winning movies like Ardaas Karan, she rose to the position of biggest commercial success in the Punjabi cinema industry.

Sapna Pabbi: Age

Drive, the first Dharma production Netflix exclusive, featured her as Naina (2019). Both her portrayal of Kiran Rathod, India’s Kim Bauer, in the 24 series’ India adaptation (2013) as Kiran Rathod, and her portrayal of Mantra Patil in PrimeVideo’s Inside Edge (2019–present) are among the British-Indian actress Sapna Pabbi’s most well-known roles. Her portrayal of Mantra Patil earned India its first-ever Emmy nomination. She is also well known for playing Ria Ganguly in PrimeVideo India’s second original series, Breathe (2017). Sanjana, a prominent female character in the popular YouTube series The Trip from Disney India, is another important part of Sapna (2016). Drive, a 2019 motion picture, presents her as the Indian version of Letty (Michelle Rodrigues) from the Fast & Furious film series.

Sapna Pabbi has made appearances in movies, television series, and commercials. She co-starred in the Galaxy Chocolate commercial with Arjun Rampal, appeared in the Pepsi commercial with Virat Kohli, and appeared in the Fair & Lovely commercial with Yami Gautam. It is no secret that Sapna Pabbi’s Punjabi ancestors are quite traditional. Despite this, the actress persisted in pursuing her acting career since she was passionate about it. Sapna Pabbi, who is well known for her acting prowess as well as her remarkable modeling skills, is a person who is blessed with a variety of talents. She has acted as a spokesperson for a lot of prestigious companies and goods.

Sapna Pabbi

Creative Touch

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