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Life House is a hotel management and software platform with vertical integration.
They use their own technology as a hotel operator as well as software developer, which enables them to create the ideal solutions and address the challenging issues facing the sector. And they are making ambitious investments to address these issues at scale with support from institutional investors. Life House investment from Kayak to make an impact, inovia and capital in 100m ann or manner.

Rise of Life House
Few organizations are adept at all facets of hotel operation since it is difficult and multifaceted. ‘Life House’ has been committed to making it simple for anybody to own, design, and run any other hotel of any size or shape while doing it as profitably as possible since its establishment in 2017. The all-in-one platform from Life House is made to be a one-stop shop for independent hotel owners of any size and degree of skill, offering everything from revenue management & dynamic pricing to full-on management, design and branding. Life Series Kayak Inovia Capital 100mann.

CEO and founder Rami Zeidan
After incredibly useful professional and personal experiences, Life House was born. Rami gained knowledge of the ins and outs of the so called hotel industry as well as its underlying systemic issues after serving for a number of greatest companies in the field for ten years. Rami had the ideal mix of skills and drive to break into this highly competitive sector and address the structural issues facing the hotel industry. Rami launched ‘Life House’ in 2017 with an experienced digital entrepreneur partner after holding positions at Starwood, TPG, Starwood, SH Group, Deutsche Bank, Sydell, and TPG Sydell. Rami is currently in charge of the company’s product and vision, which are supported by an elite staff from every department. Life House Series Kayak Inovia 100mann.

Life House: Funding
The CEO considers Life House’s usage of its very own software to be a significant benefit. While boutique & lifestyle independent hotels are more popular with travelers than commoditized brand hotels, according to Inovia Associate Pranit Tukrel, these hotels frequently struggle to compete with larger rivals in terms of cost, lead generation, and cost control due to their lack of tech adoption.

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Life House’s Software
In contrast to the capital increase, the company says today that its software is “complete and mature enough” to be sold directly to international hoteliers & operators that wish to take control of the on-site administration of hotels. The change has effectively transformed Life House from a tech-enabled hotelier into a SaaS business. House 60m Kayak Inovia Capital 100mann.

Investors of Life House
It is noteworthy because one of its main investors is Kayak, among the biggest travel websites in the world. With ‘Life House’ as its software and operational partner, according to CEO Steve Hafner, his company intends to “reimagine the hotel experience.” In North America, Life House now oversees the operations of around 50 hotels. Approximately 50% of the startup’s portfolio just at the time of its 30 million ‘Series B’ in Jan 2020 consisted of branded hotels. Currently, 85 percent of its portfolio is made up of hotels operated by other parties who have signed white-label agreements to utilize its software instead of Life House. Life House Series Kayak Capital 100mann.

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