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Just Wish has indeed made changes to make sure that the right person can get the help they deserve. In the last four years, Just Wish has helped around 20,000 lives. Sushil Singh and Sarita Rawat Singh started Just Wish in the summer of 2017 for making a change in the world. Despite the government is doing a great job in helping the needfuls, it is indeed crucial to make a change that can help several people around the world to show that there a help always. 

Just Wish has been planting trees, supplying goods, becoming an asset in the nation and global disasters, but are also making sure that there can other widows of opportunities where they can help. 

Despite 2021 has had seen several ups and downs, Just Wish has done a lot from planting trees to helping several schools to run well in these challenging times. However, now Just Wish is coming up with a plan named “It’s Normal”. The very aim of the project is to not just support women to get the basic right but also to make a change that can help the gender natural community to have their say in a perfect manner.  

At SaiVa SysTem, Deebaco and SSR Techvision, Just Wish has placed a gender-neutral washroom for making a change. 

“As the world is becoming educated in terms of having a balance in human rights, it is crucial to think about those who do need the support. It just helps an organization to become better and make a change that can work very well,” said Sushil Singh.

In December 2021, Just Wish has also started a project where they are helping people suffering from cancer. And at the same time, they are working on their previous projects for making a change that can drive people to do well. 

They are also now educated those who do even get a chance to see the face of schools. It is indeed inspiring as it is hard to help people when there is no law to do so. It is just the basic human nature that Just Wish is putting in.

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