Just Wish

Just Wish, a Non-Governmental Organisation founded by Sushil Singh; an Indian entrepreneur, in the summer of 2017, is indeed doing a great job in terms of making an impact on equality. It has been more than four years since Just Wish is playing a huge role in helping many.

They are building schools, taking care of other schools, helping people with basic needs, being on the front foot at the time of natural disasters and various other initiatives that do help several beings in this beautiful world.

Education is something that needs to be worked on in India. As Sushil came from rock bottom, he does know probably the impotence of backing future generations. He has done a great job in making sure that students are getting something. There are several children studying now who come from the section of the society where they need something basic to work on as they know the value of having that little extra.

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh is making a 51-statue of Lord Hanumana. As Lord Hanumana has been seen as a symbol of power in India, exceeding any religion, it does give hope to people. It shows how greatly they have worked to make things look structured.

Every month, one can see Just Wish posting pictures on socials about plating trees and making sure that things are following a great route. They are spending a lot on making sure that others can also live in a formative manner. Hence, even a little help for any of NGOs can make a huge impact. It allows the world to know how things are moving and how they should move when it comes to taking care of each other and making sure that something precious is happening.

Just Wish is indeed doing a great job and they can do more with collective help that can make this world a better place.

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