Do you want to work in Cape Verde as an expat? Anyone who wants to live and work on the stunning continent of Africa is eligible for the job opportunity. There are numerous occupations accessible in Cape Verde. Despite having scant natural resources, Cape Verde has experienced tremendous economic growth and a dramatic improvement in living standards over the past few decades. If you have an Insta account, you can grow it from Ok technology.

The majority of expat occupations in Cape Verde are in the service industry, such as in business, transportation, or government services. Because it boasts the highest life quality in the area, the country has drawn thousands of immigrants of all nationalities despite having few land and resources and being semi-desert. In this article, we go through the ideas on how to work in Cape Verde as an expat.

How to work in Cape Verde as an expat?

A nation called Cape Verde is situated west of West Africa. Portuguese is the official language here. The list of resources for finding working opportunities in Cape Verde as an expat is provided here. You can also take SEO in cape Verde for your online startup.

English language instruction

An option might be to teach English. The websites listed below all provide a ton of teaching English employment opportunities and are somewhat comparable to one another. Look through each website to see if there are any English-speaking employment openings in Cape Verde.

Work As a Tourist Guide

The archipelago of Cape Verde is one of the best places to work as a tourist guide. It has beautiful beaches, a mild climate, and warm people. As an expat guide, you will have to be punctual, patient,t and friendly with your clients. You will also have to know how to speak English very well because most clients don’t speak Portuguese or Spanish.

Work As a Government services

Cape Verde has a tropical climate and it is incredibly popular with tourists who are looking for somewhere warm and sunny to spend their holidays. The country also has a growing economy and there are plenty of opportunities for expats working here.

The government sector in Cape Verde employs thousands of people across various departments including education, health care, and social services. There are also opportunities for expats who want to work in the tourism or banking industries too.

Benefits of residing in Cape Verde

The fact that the locals are so warmhearted, amiable, and imaginative is one benefit. Some refer to it as “The Morabeza,” which is largely comparable to “aloha.” There isn’t a single term that can adequately convey what it implies; it has to do with their generosity, friendliness, and more benign outlook on life. You’ll notice that many eateries have names similar to this.

The climate is always fantastic. The fact that it’s sunny is another factor in the community’s general happiness. The importance of dance, music, and culture in Cape Verdian culture is evident on the streets. You might adore Cape Verde the best for this reason. The safety of Cape Verde is an additional benefit.

The food

Every island has a different cuisine. Sal has a wide variety of eateries because it is a major touristy area. Sal Trips relocation service is the best for tourists and foreigners in Cape Verde. In this fertile region, there are an increasing number of projects to cultivate fruit and vegetables for the locals. They consume a lot of fish, beans, and chicken the most.


If you’re looking to work in Cape Verde as an expat, the key will be to do enough research beforehand to ensure that you make the right move for your specific situation. For example, if you’re married to a citizen of Cape Verde, then it should be fairly easy to get a work permit. Otherwise, you’ll have to make some careful choices based on your skill set and the needs of the labor market in Cape Verde.