Is your child creative? Do they play with empty boxes or use them to create something incredible? Is your child intrigued with colors and keeps making different art forms? They will paint even though they don’t know how to hold a brush straight. If yes, then it’s great! Creativity in kids is essential for their brain growth. If you ask any expert, they will ask you to encourage your kids to do creative activities. It’s because it helps them develop their brain. Also, it makes them happy, and a happy child is the best.

However, not every parent has it easy when it comes to creativity. Some kids have no interest in drawing, activities, or colors. However, don’t lose hope! It’s because even trying a new food or playing alone with a truck is creative. Also, here are a few ways to spark creativity in your kids that you can try.

  • Do nothing

Yes, it sounds counter-productive, but doing nothing can help. How? When you do not plan your child’s day. Or what projects you two will do together, things will become interesting. They do not need to complete all the projects you see online. Let them be, and when they come up to you saying, ‘They are bored,’ tell them so are you. It will make them take charge to make the day exciting and fun.

  • A cubby house for them to play

Buy cubby houses online and see the magic happen. A cubby house is a small house for kids to play. Get one and let the kid do everything else. Tell them it’s their private house, and it’s their job to keep it clean, decorate it, and make the best out of their space. Then, they can do miracles when they have free reign over space. It will also help them learn the meaning of keeping their personal space clean, teaching them discipline, and more.

  • Read and tell stories.

One of the best ways to foster imagination in your child is to read stories with them. When you read with them, it helps them get better at reading words. But the best part is that it increases their imaginative powers. It sparks creativity in them as they read different scenarios. It helps them make stories of their own. Also, at night, instead of playing music for them every day, try alternating between stories. Either tell yourself or play one on Alexa.

Lastly, ask them to tell you stories. They will use their creative power to come up with a story. Hence, helping them become more creative.

  • Keep asking questions

Yes, asking a question is another way to spark creativity in your kids. Imagine a scenario where your kid created an interesting piece of art or made a drawing of a house. Now, instead of saying, ‘That’s good.’ Try asking them a question. For example, ask them ‘what does the picture say’ or ‘why a house.’ Asking a question will make them think and explain the logic behind their art. It may sound different or weird, but it gets their creative juices flowing. It is better than telling them their drawing is perfect!

  • Offer them free-form materials and toys.

How often does your kid play with kitchen tools? Or the box? Or the wrapping paper you used on their birthday gift? Many times? Right? It tells you that kids love to play with unstructured things. They love free-form toys or materials that provide them with free reign over how to play with those items. Thus, building blocks, mud, clay, play dough, slime, and more are best for developing a creative bone in your kids.

Moreover, always have accessories, dresses, card boxes, and other items on hand. Let the kid make a superhero costume out of it or use the card box to create a house for their dolls. The sky’s the limit when the kid has free reign over the toys & materials.

Reduce screen time

Giving your kid a smartphone when you are too busy with work is understandable. However, too much screen time is bad for their brain development & imagination. A few good shows help them learn. But if they are zoning out watching the TV, it’s activity time!

Not every kid is born with a creative bone. However, as parents, you can always encourage its development through activities, games, and conversations.