Even though Warzone has been available for quite some time, there are still many players who are complaining about the lag or high ping problem that puts them in a scenario in which they must be the first to be shot in order to survive. Should it turn out that you are one of them, there is no need for alarm. The following are some potential solutions that may assist you in eliminating or reducing the lag.

Why is my warzone lagging?

There’s a lot of guesswork involved in determining the source of the sluggishness in Call of Duty: Warzone. Due to the complexity of current video games, the reason why your COD: Warzone works sluggishly might be due to numerous possibilities that both on the internet connection side or hardware capabilities side.

To begin, there are two distinct sorts of delays: those caused by warzone low fps and those caused by excessive internet latency. If your frames per second (FPS) are low, it might be because of the demands placed on your computer’s graphics, processing, and memory resources, or it could be because of a problem with your connection to the warzone fps drop. 

Decreasing frames per second might cause the game to become choppy or stutter. In extreme cases, your game may act like a PowerPoint presentation or even make the Warzone unresponsive. If your computer can’t run Call of Duty: Warzone, it’s time for an upgrade.

A suitable solution from below could alleviate the latency experienced in a combat zone.

  1. Power Cycle Your Router/Contemporary

The average person probably has no idea how long their modem or router will last. Your internet equipment may have problems working due to the excessive programme use and heat it generates. It’s worth a shot to see whether restarting the router or modem solves the sluggishness in Call of Duty: Warzone, because this is a common cause of network problems. If your contemporary router isn’t working, try taking it out of the socket.

Don’t unplug it just now; give it a minute. The next step is to wait for the gauges to return to normal. (This assumes that everything is running well with your gadget.) If your slowness in Warzone persists after a restart,  you will have to look elsewhere for the cause.

  1. Altering Your Domain System

The domain name server (DNS) is a crucial network infrastructure component. If you think of your local post office as the DNS server, you’ll get an idea of how it works. Local mail will all goes to the post office, and its efficiency will affect your mail delivery.

You may improve your connection speed and security by switching to a more widely used and trusted DNS server, which should also help with the lagging on the warzone packet loss.

You may use Lagofast to solve your problem. To eliminate latency and provide gamers all around the world the chance to experience seamless, lag-free gameplay, LagoFast utilises many game data routing approaches.

All of these features are possible with LagoFast because of its own protocol for moving game data. This protocol gives players a wide variety of options, accurately recognises game traffic, and lets them listen to music or watch live broadcasts without interrupting their gameplay.

  1. Evaluate Your Data Transfer Rate and Bandwidth

If you want to play games smoothly, you need an internet connection with a speed of at least 15-20Mbps. However, remember to consider your available bandwidth.

The bandwidth may be strained if you or other family members plan to engage in many internet-based activities (such as video chatting, surfing the web, and streaming videos) simultaneously. Streaming video and downloading large files are two examples of very data-intensive activities, much more so than gaming. You may have substantial lag if your connection speed and game can’t handle this.

  1. Get Closer to Your Router

Your wireless signal may be obstructed by real-world obstacles like walls, floors, and furniture. If you want a stronger WiFi signal and a more direct channel of communication, you should relocate your computer or console closer to the router.

If you’re still experiencing latency after moving the router, the lag has worsened, or there’s no method to relocate the router, try moving where you play. Altering the angle at which you set up your console is one such example. You can also prevent signal interference from other home items like wireless speakers, microwaves and mobile chargers. If the wireless signal has a less circuitous path to your device, this may improve its performance.

  1. End services that use an excessive amount of bandwidth

You may notice a delay when a resource-intensive programme is running in the background. You should make sure that any apps, such as OneDrive, Skype, or Windows Update, that might use a lot of bandwidth are closed or deactivated before you begin playing games smoothly.

How to verify it is as follows:

To bring up Task Manager, use Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard. Simply go to the Network tab and arrange jobs by their network footprint.

Select the applications using the most bandwidth and terminate them one at a time using the End task button.

Warzone may be launched once the bandwidth-hogging applications have been removed to see whether the experience has been enhanced. If this solution doesn’t work, try the next one.

  1. Turn Off Cross-Play

Crossplay is a function in Warzone that lets you compete against players on different systems. While the name “Crossplay” may sound fancy, some PC gamers have found that turning it off has resolved their lag issue with Warzone lag reducer

To turn off Crossplay in Warzone, do the following:

  • Launch Warzone and hit the “Main Menu” button
  • Simply choose the Account menu under the Options menu. Turn off Crossplay in the online settings menu.
  • Jump into a game to see whether the latency has vanished.
  • If turning off crossplay doesn’t solve your stuttering issue, try enabling it again and evaluating the ultimate solution.


Using an in-house-built LFP data transmission protocol, LagoFast finds the best nodes for data transport. Dedicated routes from all across the globe will be accessible to you, giving you a more authentic gaming experience. Now is the time to get the download and start solving your issue.