When you design your outdoor space, be it a garden, a terrace, or a small balcony, a comfortable seat to relax on is essential. The first solution that comes to mind is also the most comfortable: the outdoor day bed. Soft, wide, and robust, it will be the ideal companion for your relaxation in the middle of the green.

But how to choose the perfect one for you? In this article, we will give you several tips to help you decide on the garden sofa that will best meet the needs of your outdoor space.

What is the weather like?

It seems like a trivial question, but the weather is the first factor to consider when choosing any outdoor furniture. Especially when it comes to sofas that are made of different components, fabrics, and materials.

Is yours an area characterized by dry heat? Does it often rain? Do you live near the windy coast? All these questions consequently influence where the sofa is to be placed and the materials to be preferred.

Choose where to put the outdoor sofa

Based on the space you have available, you then have to decide where to put your seat. If you have a small balcony, this shouldn’t take too much time. Prefer the wall closest to the house, so you can enjoy the view and stay sheltered.

While, if you are lucky enough to have a boundless garden, you have to take into consideration several aspects. You can create a corner to relax in the trees, away from stress, or place the outdoor sofa on a patio as close as possible to your home.

The surface on which the piece of furniture will rest is also very important. Better not to place softwood structures or some metals directly on the lawn as moisture could cause them to rot or corrode.

Take the measurements

Immediately after deciding where to place the outdoor sofa, you have the slightly more boring task: you have to measure the actual available space.

There is nothing worse than starting to look for the seat of your dreams and then realizing that your favorite model does not fit. Having the dimensions a priori allows you to filter your search and not be confused by proposals that you should discard a priori.

What materials do you prefer?

Once you understand the climate, choose the placement and take the measurements, it’s time to decide which materials are best for you. Other aspects such as the amount of care required and, of course, the aesthetic aspect also influence preferences.

Wood, wicker, and rattan

For those who love a natural and casual atmosphere, while maintaining a certain elegance, an outdoor sofa with a wooden structure is ideal. There are more resistant types, such as teak, which lend themselves very well to surviving in the open air. 

The main advantage of wicker or rattan is their lightness. So, if you are someone who likes to change, move and renovate your outdoor furniture, a sofa made of these materials will avoid any back pain caused by moving heavy furniture.

Metals and synthetic materials

An outdoor space with clean, contemporary, and modern lines requires a metal structure. Among the solutions, there is aluminum which does not need major maintenance and is light and anticorrosive. While a wrought-iron seat is heavier, this means that it is ideal for particularly windy areas. It will take some extra care to prevent it from rusting: a compromise to give a touch of Art Nouveau style in your garden.

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