THC is becoming a common cannabinoid among people who use cannabis. This is because of how strong its effects are. But the common question is, “How long does a THC vape pen take to kick in? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how long THC stays in your body in this article. There is no doubt that the influx of hemp cannabinoids that are legal under federal law but make people feel high is changing the rules of the game.

Now more than ever, we can learn to love the plant. One of the most recent cannabinoids to hit the market is THC, a relatively mild psychoactive cannabinoid that gives you an enjoyable high. Even though it doesn’t have powerful psychoactive effects, many people want to use delta-10 because it can make them feel happy and motivated.

But it’s essential to know how long the THC stays in your body. It is necessary if you get tested for drugs. In that case, you should consider how long the substance will remain in your body and how it might affect your drug tests. You can also find out how to pass a weed drug test on the Internet.

How Long Does THC Take To Work?

When you vape, you feel the effects of THC much faster than when you eat an edible or take a THC pill. The vapor you inhale gets into your bloodstream faster than edibles or pills. Not long after you vape, the THC starts to work. Usually, it takes about 20 minutes. Vaping is very convenient for people who use medical marijuana.

This is because it helps relieve pain faster and lets them control the temperature at which THC is released, which has different effects. It takes about the same time to feel the effects of smoking weed as vaping, but the smoke is much harder on the lungs than vapor.

If you smoke cannabis, the effects will start between 2 and 10 minutes after you take it, and the high will last between 2 and 8 hours. Because vaping involves heating cannabis to release THC, it doesn’t need tobacco. There aren’t any of the other toxins that come out during combustion.

Besides, you’re vaporizing a concentrated form of cannabis; the effects will come on faster (in 2 to 3 minutes) and last longer. From what has been observed, the trip’s peak usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours. However, the “after effects” can last up to 5 hours.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. So, if you are starting, go low and slow and take it easy. And if you have other plans or things to do later, don’t go too far and put down the dab tool.

Factors affecting THC to work


How much THC you need to feel an effect depends on how much body fat you have. The more THC you need to feel the impact, the more body mass you have. How long CBD stays in your body is also affected by how much you weigh and how big you are. THC is stored in fat cells, like CBD, and gets slowly flushed out of the body through urine and feces.


How long THC stays in the body also depends on how fast a person’s metabolism works. How long it takes to break down and make compounds depends on the body’s metabolism, which also influences how long it takes for the body to process and metabolize the cannabinoid. How long it takes for your body to process and break down cannabinoids depends on how fast it works.

How Often Do You Use It?

How long it takes THC to work depends on your body, the quality of the THC product, and how often you use it. Once you have THC oil, the next step is determining the best way to use it, including how often. The answers will depend significantly on the type of product, how much CBD it has, and what kind of problem you want to treat. Most reputable manufacturers will tell you how to use the product correctly, but you may have to try different doses to find the right one for you and your needs.

CBD dosage

Finding the correct dose of THC is integral to treatment and will also affect how long THC stays in your system. THC products made from hemp do not make the user feel high or drunk, so there’s no need to be careful with the amount you take. Still, it’s best to start with a lower dose and increase it slowly until the sound effects are felt. If you’ve never tried THC, start with a few puffs of a smoked product, 1 milliliter of oil or tincture, or 10 milligrams of THC in a food or drink. Wait to see what happens before you eat or drink more.

How long does it take for your body to get rid of THC?

We’ve talked about the things that affect how long it takes for THC to work. But how long does it take for CBD to leave your body? Again, it depends on many of the same things that affect how well the cannabinoid works on its own. Up to 72 hours after smoking, THC can still be present in the body.

A review of THC studies that had already been done in 2018 found that the half-life of cannabis was between two and five days for people who took a daily oral dose. Other delivery methods delivered varied half-lives.

Since you might feel the effects of cannabis right away if you inhale it, this method is best for individuals who want pain relief right away. The same study found that smoked THC had a half-life of 31 hours.


THC is a psychoactive chemical present in marijuana that makes people feel happy and helps to reduce anxiety and stress.  How long it remains in the body relies on many things, but in general, people who use it often will have it last longer than people who only use it once in a while.

THC products can be detected in different drug tests at other times. The most common drug test is a urine test, which can detect THC for up to a few weeks after use.