Buying a skateboard can be both exciting and challenging. With so many options available in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges, one can end up making the wrong choice. So, before you visit a skateboard shop, you must know the basics. 

A skateboard has a wooden deck and trucks which operate like steering axles. These trucks have four wheels, and each wheel has a pair of ball bearings that countersunk to the wheel’s core, helping skaters to generate such high speeds. 

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Type of Skateboarding

A wide range of skateboarding types is present, like longboarding, skateparks, street cruising, and many more. So if you have a skatepark nearby and wish to do tricks or learn how to ollie, you may need a cruiser skateboard. Meanwhile, for a beginner getting the basics right is crucial, and hence, a longboard would be the best. So, when you know what kind of skateboard you want, your buying process gets simpler. 

Skateboard Deck

Modern skateboards have a two-directional popsicle stick that allows one to perform a trick both forwards and backward. And transition-based skateboarding prefers large shapes of about 9 inches in width with broad and impact-resistant tail and nose shapes. Meanwhile, street skaters favour narrower boards with a width of 7.5 inches which are comparatively lighter. These skateboards spin faster and have a back incline and tapering front, which can be flicked precisely for doing rotations. 

So if you are a first-time buyer, make sure that the skateboard shop applies grip tape on the top side of the deck to help you get the required traction. Also, if you do not have any specifications, you can opt for an 8-inch deck that offers a perfect compromise between minimising weight and reassuring width.   


If you are a beginner, it is best to purchase standard bearings from the shop. You may also find shops that stock robust and inexpensive bearings for entry-level boards, which you can upgrade when you feel the need. Meanwhile, the bearings at the elite level are either ceramic or Swiss generated custom bearings with a high polish that causes minimal friction. 


The wheels are mostly made of urethane polymer, which has a density of about 100a. While street practitioners like wheels of low diameter offering better responsiveness to small balance adjustments, transition skaters usually go for large wheels having more density and a broader running surface. So, make sure that the wheels are made of good quality urethane polymer so that the wheels are not degraded by the heat generated during skateboarding.

You may find it difficult to get wheels softer than 98A due to the presence of smooth skate parks these days. However, if you are a beginner, it is best to choose wheels softer than 100A, as hard wheels may lead to accidents or injuries. Also, it is best to go with a wheel diameter of 54mm that is not too large or too small, which may provide you with the proper support and balance. 

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The choice of graphics depends entirely on individual taste, and you may get different graphic styles from various brands. Also, you can incorporate your distinct style by customising your stickers or using decals or waterproof paint. Meanwhile, the way your skateboard looks will not impact your performance but can provide you with a creative outlet to try out something different. 

Getting your first skateboard should be a memorable one. So, make sure you choose one of high quality that meets your needs and your investment towards your passion is worthwhile.