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Waseem Mushtaq is an Indian model and actor who has appeared in several television shows. Mushtaq was born on 21 April 1984, in Srinagar, Kashmir, and Jammu.

Waseem Mushtaq: Early Life

Waseem Mushtaq got his start by going through the reality show’s audition process, but he was not selected for the theater round. Mushtaq became upset, but just before leaving the audition space, he was approached by a member of the jury members, Anu Malik, and asked to try his hand at acting. Waseem followed Anu Malik’s advice and moved to Mumbai after finishing his Business Administration degree. Waseem began working at the Zee town office until he was contacted by Motwani to audition for Zee Next. Mushtaq has done several auditions before the channel shuts down. Mushtaq became dissatisfied and unsure of what to do. Waseem relocated to Andheri and resumed his daily work.

Waseem Mushtaq: Career

Mushtaq accompanied his housemate to an audition one day and was cast as Anuj Sethi in Zee TV’s Hindi series 12/24 Karol Bagh. Later, Mushtaq appeared on Colors in the Hindi series ‘Sabki Jodi Wohi Banaata Bhagyavidhaata’. After the 20-year time jump, Waseem showed up as Suraj Sinha, the child of Vinay (Vishal Karwal) and Bindiya (Richa Soni). Waseem played Tej Malik, a military officer, in the popular tv soap Amrit Manthan, which aired on Life OK in 2012. When Direktor Kut’s Productions considered him for an acting role in the show Havan, Mushtaq got the part. But it didn’t work out, so they called him once more and offered him a part in Amrit Manthan. Waseem was grateful to the show’s producer for the positive feedback he received for his role as Tej.

Waseem appeared on Zee TV this year as ‘Akshat Suket Khandelwal’ in Pradeep Gupta’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, starring Mishkat Varma & Kanchi Singh. Mushtaq appeared as a supporting actor alongside Arpita Akshat Khandelwal.

Waseem Mushtaq: Marriage

Waseem married a non-celebrity girl named Ayesha, and they recently had their first child, Rayan. The actor, Waseem Mushtaq faces numerous challenges while auditioning for numerous serials and competing in the glamor industry. Fortunately, because of his acting abilities, Waseem will soon be seen on the big screen.


Wasim sparked controversy when he was offered a role in the television series ‘Bhagyavidhaata.’

Waseem Mushtaq

Net Worth

Mushtaq’s primary net worth comes from entertainment, and his secondary net worth comes from brands, advertisements, and others. Wasim Mushtaq’s net worth as of 2022 is 3 Million.


  • Waseem appeared in the romance television series ‘Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi’ (2017).
  • Mushtaq appeared in the crime tv series ‘Savdhaan India’ (2017), directed by ‘Ajay Veermal.’
  • Waseem Mushtaq appeared in the TV show ‘Bitti Business Wali’ (2018).
  • Mushtaq appeared in the 2019 mythological television series ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran,’ produced by ‘Nikhil Dwivedi.’
  • In the drama TV series ‘Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum,’ Waseem played ‘Yash Kapoor’ (2019).
  • Mushtaq starred in the television show ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’. (2021).
  • Waseem has over 50K Instagram followers.

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