Socks are essential in every season if you don’t prefer wearing flip-flops all the time. Ankle socks arethe perfect middle ground for the summers. This is just the right length to keep you cool and still protect your feet.

However, it can be a little tricky to style ankle socks with most of your outfits. These socks look great with almost any kind of footwear when paired correctly. However, many people have inhibitions about them, making it challenging to pair these socks.

Continue reading to find out how you can wear ankle socks with every outfit you like!


What are ankle socks all about?

Ankle socks are a little shorter than crew socks. They come up to your ankle bones and are usually quite discreet. These socks are an excellent choice for the summers because they don’t restrict airflow anywhere above your ankles.

Many people assume that these socks are rarely ever found in different colors. This is because ankle socks are always hidden and can barely be seen. However, today you can find a variety of shades and designs available.

There are many different types of ankle socks too. Not all of them are made the same, and each variety has specific features and qualities. For instance, if you are interested in sports and enjoy an active lifestyle, you must get breathable ankle socks.

Breathable socks are made from absorbing materials that can prevent your feet from overheating. This can also help keep away any unwanted odor.

Many socks also come with blister preventing tabs. These tabs create a barrier between the back of your foot and the shoe to prevent blisters.


Styling suggestions for ankle socks

People believe that you cannot do anything fun or exciting with barely visible socks. However, that is not true. There are many different ways to make your ankle socks shine through your outfits. Moreover, if you are a little too comfortable with your crew socks and are looking for a change, here are a few different styles that are worth trying!

1.     Add colors

You don’t need to equate ankle socks with dull whites and greys. You can buy ankle socks in different colors to add a pop of color to your outfit. These socks look great in bright shades as they peep out of your shoe just a little bit.

2.     Try to match them with your shoes

Matching your socks to your shoes doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy socks the same shade as your shoes. You can buy socks that are a similar shade. Moreover, you can also try experimenting with contrasting shades and hues to see which combination looks best.

3.     Avoid wearing them with open-toed flats

Ankle socks are great on their own for the summer. However, it is a fashion tragedy to pair them with your summer staple sandals. While wearing socks with sandals is a fun trend that you cannot go wrong with, ankle socks are just not it. You can pair your favorite sandals with crew socks for a refreshing look that you cannot go wrong with.


To sum up

Ankle socks are a staple you need to have in your closet. While crew socks have their benefits, you do not want to sweat through them during the summer. Make sure you have a pair around when the heat is unbearable so you can stay breezy!

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