Weekends are the perfect time to escape Haymarket’s 9-5 working rush and relax with your friends. One of the city’s trending activities is escape rooms. A rising game worldwide, escape rooms are exciting and adventurous. If you want to experience the thrill of an escape room in Haymarket with your friends, these tricks will help you win!

If work keeps you occupied, here is a rundown: escape rooms are real-life versions of online escape games. You pick a themed scenario and look for objects containing hints that will help you, as the name suggests, escape the room. If you have a long weekend at your disposal, escape rooms are the perfect activity to participate in after a day of water sports at Shelly Beach and walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Winning Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, escaping an escape room does not have cheat codes or a guidebook. However, some tricks and suggestions increase your chances of winning while having the time of your life.


Teamwork is the key to winning escape rooms. While you can enter an escape room solo, the fun doubles with friends or family. You can also choose to play with strangers, but signing up with friendly faces prevents personality clashes and helps you achieve your goals faster.

Ideal Team Size

Escape rooms are stimulating and immersive, so playing with a group is recommended. However, solving escape room puzzles with others is fun if your team is the right size. While it depends on the room size, the ideal number of players in a team ranges from four to eight. Less than four people might take longer to solve the mystery, and over eight people can overcrowd the room.

Right Time to Ask for Clues

Every escape room has a guide who gives you puzzle clues when asked. However, asking for a clue too soon might reduce the excitement. On the other hand, you might not escape on time if you wait too long. So, what is the right time to ask for clues? There is no correct time for asking, but it is always best to opt for it if an object takes over three minutes to crack. Time is of the essence in escape rooms, and waiting too long wastes it. Instead of spending five minutes on the same problem, ask for a clue once you cross the three-minute mark.

Pay Attention to the Clue

A point players often neglect is paying attention to the hint. Escape rooms have game experts who provide you with crucial information. No clue is useless or unimportant; each hint helps you cross the part you are stuck at. So, make sure you listen to the guide carefully; they can help you solve the puzzle at hand or another section of the game at later stages.

Categorize the Objects

Only some objects in the room will be helpful. Therefore, separating things that don’t work helps you declutter the room and prevents you from returning to them. Moreover, keeping them aside will help you focus solely on the objects that contain clues and sections yet to explore.

Wrapping Up

There is no better way to spend your weekend than visiting an escape room in Haymarket with your friends. Escape rooms offer various themes, such as space, carnivals, haunted houses, or island adventures. Hit Palm Beach in the morning, have a fancy lunch, and enjoy solving escape room puzzles in the evening!

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