Protein powders have gained a lot of fame recently in the fitness industry. They provide just the right combination of muscle growth, fat loss, and metabolism boost. It is why protein powders are one of the most notorious supplements nowadays.

However, not all of them are equally effective for everyone. Many protein powders such as OxyWhey, Casein Custard, Oxyshred, etc., provide different results. Many factors come into play.

You must choose the best protein powder to get the best results possible. This post will give you tips to help you pick the correct one for you!

Types of Protein Powder

There are various protein powders available in the market nowadays. Let’s get you associated with a few of them.

Whey Protein

This type is one of the most commonly used protein powders. It consists of all the crucial amino acids that you need. Whey protein is recommended if you’re looking for something to use daily. This is because it is easily digestible and can increase your energy levels. OxyWhey, Bulk Pure Whey Isolate 90, Dymatize Elite Whey are whey protein types in high demand.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is another protein powder type used mainly by women. They help deal with menopause symptoms and decrease your cholesterol level. This protein is to be used if you’re looking to increase bone mass. Some popular soy proteins include Pulsin, BULK POWDERS, and MyProtein.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Protein Powder

There’s a lot of thought that goes into picking a protein powder. Since there’s a wide range of products in the market, it is hard to decide which one is the best pick for you. Here is some information you should consider while selecting Protein Powder.

1.     Weight Loss

If your desired outcome is weight loss, you should go for a protein with no added sugar or sweeteners. Avoid BCAAs since they’re associated with increased muscle and weight.

2.     Growth of Muscles

If you intend to work on muscle growth, you should pick a protein powder with a high absorption value. These are usually BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). Most of the protein is absorbed by your muscles, allowing them to grow.

3.     Diabetes

If you’re a patient with diabetes, you should avoid added sugar at all costs. As a thumb rule, never go for shakes with sugar listed in the top 3 ingredients. Another thing to remember is that your protein powder must have low carbohydrates, the maximum amount being 15 grams.

4.     Vegan/Vegetarian

There are protein powders made especially for vegans and vegetarians as well. If you fall into this category, avoid milk proteins. Your best option would be to go for soy, peas, or other plant-based protein.

5.     Economical Range

If you’re on a low budget, stick to a tub of protein powers since they are more cost-efficient. If you buy pre-made shakes, they can be pretty costly. Making your shakes by yourself can save you considerable money!

6.     When to Consume

There are no restrictions on when you should consume your protein powders. However, there are a few recommendations, such as consuming within 1 hour of a workout. Other offers include taking these supplements at a steady pace in between meals. It depends on your body and health.

There is a huge variety of protein shakes out there. This doesn’t have to be a chore! Choose a flavor you like the best and fit it into your meals to get massive results.

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