Don’t you love it when your feet feel wrapped in a warm hug, and your fashion sense approves of it too?

Unlike the regular slippers, Uggs have a way of finding their way to your heart and becoming a permanent resident in your wardrobe. Whether they’re made of suede or sheepskin, UGG Slippers never compromise on combining style with comfort perfectly. 

Who will want to part ways with such an all-time favourite shoe style?

Unfortunately, water, dust, or grease stains can take them away from you. 

Don’t be disheartened yet. You can still save your fuzzy boots.

What reduces the life span of your oh-so-comfy uggs?

Well, You love them. When you visit the grocery store, pharmacy, college, and sometimes, even to your formal events, you wear them. (They can be stylish, ask Selena Gomez.) 

But the convenience can make you forget how you’ve been treating your favourites. Here’s how your routine can damage them for good. 

  • The buildup of debris from the environment hurts the sensitive fibres of your slippers.
  • Water droplets or humidity can leave a stain spot on the fur of your shoes.
  • Improper sealing or no post-usage aftercare can make your boots susceptible to the cold weather and cause shrinkage. 

These are just a few factors that you can notice ruining the fine fuzz-lined footwear. Lack of maintenance is the biggest culprit in destroying your comfy slippers to no return. 

How Can You Save Your Furry Favorites?

Now that you fear losing your ugg boots brace yourselves for a great routine that your footwear will love.

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Water and Dirt Stain Cleaning

So, you got inspired by a romcom to take a walk in the rain with uggs. Perhaps you splattered water on the slippers during your morning skincare ritual. 

Immediate care must be your next thought in these events. The water spots take away the softness of the fur, but they also cause a stubborn pesky spot. 

  • Start with loosening the surface dirt with a nylon brush.
  • Pat the surface with a wet sponge. 
  • Use a suede or any other cleaner made especially for uggs to clean the spot where you can see the stain. 
  • If you can’t find a cleaner, a one-to-one water and white vinegar mix can be used. 
  • Since the heat can harden the soft bristles, ensure that you leave the uggs to air dry away from the sun.

Grease Stain Removal

That’s the problem with comfortable footwear. You wear them everywhere, including your kitchen and garage. With that being said, if you find a greasy spot because of spillage, you can get rid of them. 

  • Don’t think of dabbing the spot with water; instead, apply some corn starch to absorb the grease from uggs.
  • A soft brush with nylon bristles or even a paintbrush can be used to dust off the absorbed powder. 
  • Now that the starch has the greasy liquid use an ugg cleaner on a wet cotton cloth to remove the fine powder. 
  • Ensure that you don’t apply too much on the stained fur and air dry them after cleaning.

In A Nutshell

Uggs are unquestionably cozy and trendy at the same time. From Eliza Gonzalez to Rihanna, the ugg slippers seem to make everyone their fan. However, your all time favourites demand constant care to ensure your convenience. 

Now, as you know how to care for your cozy footwear, don’t abandon them in your shoe rack.

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