Thousands of people use markers to scribble on the whiteboards. It might not be the most important stationery for the younger generation, but it comes into use at educational centres, corporates, and other places where people prefer writing. 

People who love to communicate, innovate and create ideas prefer having a handful of markers. Most of you would think before buying a whiteboard marker that it must not be one of those markets that let you down in between a presentation or a lecture in a classroom. We’ll agree that at least once, such a situation might have occurred in your life. So, in this post, you’ll be learning about the most underestimated tool. 

You must be wondering why people need markers when you can practically do screen-sharing and use other modes of tools to present your ideas. It is correct to say that even with so many new technologies, the satisfaction of writing and scribbling ideas on a whiteboard is still the most exciting thing to do for anyone. So, here you find the details on five types of markers that you can use according to your purpose. 

Types of markers that are good for use

  1. The dry wipe marker

Dry markers have a connected wiper that comes attached to them. They don’t dry out very quickly; even keep them uncapped for days, and they will still be working. Dry-wipe markers have a round tip and are preferably used for writing bullet points. They come in various colours such as black, blue, red, green, pink, and others. 

  1. Pen-style dry erase markers

Pen-style markers have a small and pointed nip that creates a striking effect. The writing with a pen-style marker is sharp and can be seen from a distance. You will usually find dark and bold colours in this type of marker, as they can be used on whiteboards, glass surfaces and other non-porous surfaces. Pen-style markers have non-toxic AP-certified inks that are safe to use. 

  1. Alcohol-based inks markers

It comes in 2.0mm nib size and has a bullet shape for round-edged writing. You can use them on electronic whiteboards and enamel porcelain or melamine surfaces. They contain dry-erase ink that has an aluminium barrel and low odour. You can always refill them, and so you can save money on buying a new marker. The best thing about these markers is that they come with a metal barrel which provides extra durability. 

  1.  Melamine and porcelain surface markers

They come with an aluminium barrel for extra durability. It also has a non-offensive odour despite being an alcohol-based pigmented ink. The bullet nib of 1.22mm gives clean and dense writing. You can always refill these markers and use them if the nib stays intact. 

  1. Flip-chart markers

They are used on flip-charts, and these markers have no odour as they are free from toluene and xylol. It has a bullet tip that varies from 1-3mm, and the ink does not transfer to another side of a page. 

So, these were some types of whiteboard markers that corporate companies and educational centres most commonly use. If you have a different resolution purpose other than using the whiteboard marker on the whiteboards, you should look for alternative options. 

As for those who want to find excellent and durable markers, the best ones are melanin and porcelain surface markers, as they work on any surface you wish to. 

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