Grand Marnier is a famous French orange liqueur. It is a combination of Cognac and Triple Sec that has aromas of toffee-like and vanilla flavors. More so, it has a beautiful bottle with a signature red ribbon and stamped wax seal.

This fancy liqueur was invented in 1880 by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle. It is full of rich flavor from the Cognac and makes cocktails taste better. You can drink it in a snifter since it is strong enough at 40% ABV or 80 proof, which is equal to many full-fledged spirits. It can be enjoyed on its own, but there are also plenty of Grand Marnier cocktails you can try for any celebration you might have. It is a must-try alcoholic drink of all time. Hence, here are a few interesting things you should know about Grand Marnier.

1. The original Grand Marnier is named Cordon Rouge.

The traditional Grand Marnier is called Cordon Rouge, which means red ribbon for the unique embellishment adorning its bottle. It is 51% cognac and 49% orange liqueur and is best known for enhancing mixed drinks or as a floater in a cocktail. Additionally, the Cordon Rouge is the brand’s most famous product that sells many other variations.

2. Curacao Marnier is the first brand name.

From Curacao Marnier to Grand Marnier, the brand name has been changed. Since the first name did not sit well with Cesar Ritz, he modified it to what it is known these days. He helped Marnier-Lapostolle to recommend a more appropriate brand name and bottle design and in return assisted him in buying and establishing the famous Ritz Hotel in Paris.

3. It was seen in the movie Titanic.

A bottle of Grand Marnier was reportedly found in the wreckage of the Titanic. It was among the 5,500 artifacts found from the historical 1912 Titanic ruins. The Grand Marnier is said to be one of the carefully chosen spirits on the ship. Today, it is in the Titanic museum.

4. There are several luxurious, top-shelf liqueurs offered.

Yet another interesting fact about Grand Marnier is that it produces luxurious, top-shelf liqueurs. It offers super premium liqueurs, such as Cuvée du Centenaire, Cuvée 1880, Quintessence, and Cuvée Louis Alexandre. The Cuvée du Centenaire was formulated in 1927 to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary, while the Cuvée 1880 was made from X.O. Cognacs from the Champagne region to celebrate the brand’s foundation.

On the other hand, the Quintessence is Grand Marnier’s ultra-exclusive bottle that features century-old Cognacs, and the Cuvée Louis Alexandre was created with a blend of 12 to 15-year-old aged Cognacs with pine and Earl Grey tea.

5. The Grand Marnier is popularly flammable.

The main ingredient of Grand Marnier is Crêpes Suzette, a famous French dessert made by topping a crêpe with an orange liqueur sauce and flambéing it shortly. This dish was created unexpectedly in 1895 when Henri Charpentier, a French waiter, accidentally lit a chafing dish on fire while serving dessert to King Edward VII of England. Moreover, Grand Marnier is one of the ingredients used in making creme brulee and souffle.

6. It’s a family business.

Since 1827, the Marnier family distillery has been family owned and operated. The orange-flavored Cognac liqueur was founded by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, who learned the process of the distillery from his father, a wine and spirit merchant. His father-in-law, Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle, established Grand Marnier’s first distillery when he started making fruit liqueurs outside Paris in 1827. And up to this day, the Grand Marnier remains a family affair.

7. Its price is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Grand Marnier is quite expensive compared to other liquors available on the market nowadays. A 375 ml bottle is priced at $15 to $20, while the 750 ml one costs approximately $30 to $45. One bottle will last a long while because you will only use it in small amounts. It is recommended to buy the smallest-sized bottle since you won’t be having it all the time.

8. Many cocktails are created with it.

There are plenty of Grand Marnier cocktails to choose from. It may be the star of a sweet mixer or cocktail that adds a citrus taste. You can also drink it neat in a brandy snifter or as an upgrade to orange liqueur in several cocktail recipes. In addition, you can combine it with Prosecco or champagne for a bubbly spin or add soda water for a makeshift spritzer. You can also try other famous Grand Marnier cocktails, so it is up to you to choose what to drink.


With the refined flavor of the Grand Marnier, it is no surprise that it is one of the best alcoholic beverages out there. These significant things specified above only prove that it is worth tasting and buying. So get a bottle now and enjoy drinking moderately with your family or friends!