It’s great that you own a treadmill and are an active user, but how to ensure it is in good condition? 

You need to ensure that your treadmill is in good health so that it runs longer and you are safe from any injury.

So here are 7 tips that will guide you on how to take care of your treadmill.

1. Always place your treadmill on a smooth surface

This is the most obvious way to ensure that the treadmill runs smoothly. If you place it on an inclined plane or a rough surface, there are chances that the belt will break. Further, it can also make your running exhausting.  

If you don’t have enough space in your home and have to place the treadmill in a garage, use adjustable leveling feet on the bottom to provide an artificial, even floor.

2. Lubricate the belt after it hits 150 miles

Lubrication will protect the belt from wearing out. You can use an Allen wrench for this process.

First, start by losing bolts located in the back of the treadmill. This will lose the belt. After this, lift the belt and apply proper lube. The lube can be available in spray, wax, or liquid.

Now your treadmill is as good as new. However, you must keep some things in mind if you plan to follow this point. First, some treadmills don’t require manual lubrication as they are self-lubricating.

If your treadmill falls in this category, you can avoid this tip. First, check the manual to find out if your treadmill is self-lubricating or not. In case the manual is specially referring to one kind of lubricant, follow that.

Do not use the lubricant on top of the belt as it will make it slippery and accident-prone.

3. Clean the machine once a week

In case you own a gym or share the treadmill with another person, not wiping it for a long time makes it extremely unhygienic for everyone. Further, it will result in corrosion of the frame and belt.

If possible, wipe the upper portion of the machine regularly. Focus on the areas that receive more sweat while cleaning. Don’t forget the middle space between the deck and the belt, as this part receives more dust and dirt.

Avoid using any expensive detergent. A wet cloth will do the work. If your treadmill is under warranty, take advantage of it to vacuum the motor.

4. Adjust and align the belt whenever necessary

Regular usage of the treadmill can lead to a wiggly belt. This happens when the belt becomes extra stretchy. You have to tighten it to maintain the tension.

There are two bolts at the back of the deck. Adjust them clockwise using an Allen wrench to maintain the tightness of the belt.

When you use the treadmill daily and rigorously, it might slide off the deck at some point. You can adjust the bolts, which are responsible for the belt positioning, to align the belt.

It will make your workout easy and risk-free.

5. Replace the belt when needed

When you purchase a treadmill, you get different warranty periods for certain parts of the treadmill. Given that the warranty period has ended for the belt and the lubrication is not working, you can consider replacing the belt. 

It can be a bit pricey depending on the quality but still lower than buying a new treadmill.

6. Ensure the protection of your treadmill by using a surge protector

If you use a surge protector in the plug-in area, it ensures extra protection for the various parts of the treadmill. This is especially helpful when you are living in an area where power surges are common. If you have a treadmill for personal use, plug it out after using it.

It ensures the safety of the monitor.

7. Use a quality treadmill mat

You have probably seen this in a gym and wondered why they use a treadmill mat on a smooth floor. It’s because the mat helps to minimize the vibrations caused by the machine. Thus, making the belt and deck wear down faster.

Plus, it reduces the noise level of the machine. These mats also protect the floor from the damage caused by treadmill vibrations.

Over to you…

If you feel something is wrong with the machine, stop the workout immediately and start examining. Contact customer service to claim the warranty in case of any burning smell or unusual noises. Don’t use it until you figure out the problem and solve it.