Here we will go over seven things artists can do when not feeling inspired.

Even the most infamous artists lose their motivation and creativity spark every once in a while.

In fact, even Vincent Van Gogh had a five-year artist’s block before creating his first masterpiece, “Potato Eaters,” so don’t let this hindrance deter you from creating.

Instead, keep reading to find out what you can do to regain inspiration.

1) Go to an Art Museum

Going to the art museum to view the work of other artists, you can find inspiration through the artwork’s history, themes, color schemes, and unique ideas.

Many artists say that a trip to the art museum is inspiring because they feel a connection to the pieces that they would not feel by simply looking at photos online.

2) Find the Beauty In Everything

The world is filled with beauty in places and ways that you may not realize, and spending time to find beauty can be inspirational.

When you slow down, look at small details, and contemplate the in-depth existence of objects, places, people, or situations, you come to new conclusions through a new perspective.

For example, the average person will look out of their window at night and see no more than a dark sky filled with little white dots.

However, a person who finds beauty in everything will look at that same sky and see a never-ending space filled with celestial objects as they were hundreds or thousands of years in the past, which can be inspiring.

3) Smoke Cannabis

Using cannabis has been known to encourage divergent thinking, which leads to the inspiration of new ideas.

Creativity, inspiration, and innovation go hand in hand with the hormone norepinephrine, which levels increase when consuming cannabis.

Additionally, creativity is thought to be more prominent in right-brained individuals, and cannabis helps activate both sides of the brain. So, if you are a left-brained thinker, smoking may help unlock new inspiration.

If you are new to cannabis, you can go to Veriheal to determine how much to buy and try.

4) Talk About Your Feelings

Many great artists create masterpieces based on their emotions which is why you can look at a painting and feel such a deep connection to the artist.

When you are not feeling particularly inspired, sit down with a therapist, friend, or family member and talk about what’s been on your mind, your sentiments, and your passions.

These chats may be able to spark new ideas for your work, and if not, you can at least appreciate the value of the conversation.

5) Broaden Your Thinking

When inspiration doesn’t strike, you may just be burnt out on your usual ideas and style, which can be helped by broadening your thinking through exposure.

To do so, consider doing the following:

  • Going to new places
  • Watching a new movie genre
  • Listening to a new music genre
  • Reading books that you wouldn’t normally consider
  • Talking to new people

Having exposure to new things can open your mind to the discovery of new art styles and passions.

6) Use Your Imagination

A great way to find inspiration is by getting together with the children in your life and playing make-believe.

Chances are, you have not played pretend since you were a small child, and thinking in such an abnormal and abstract way will leave you with an open mind that is waiting to be filled with creative concepts.

Additionally, spending time with children’s growing minds is inspiring in itself.

7) Doodle

When sitting down in front of a piece of paper or canvas, don’t stare at it blankly, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Instead, start to doodle or paint random images. This strategy works well because an artist’s mind has a natural tendency to turn random scribbles and pictures into a much larger piece of artwork.

For example, have you ever seen a spot on the wall or another random place that your brain decided looked like a person, animal or object? You may inspire a masterpiece if you indulge in those occurrences while doodling.


Unfortunately, inspiration comes and goes on its own terms, which can be inconvenient for artists.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to get your mojo back and start creating.

Consider taking a trip to an art museum, smoking some cannabis, talking about your feelings, broadening your thinking, doodling, or using your imagination.