Gone are the days when wigs looked unrealistic and were uncomfortable to wear. Today, the beauty industry has advanced to a level where you can find different kinds of false hair pieces or extensions that appear pretty authentic. 

You can pick different coverage styles like 360°, closure, part, or well-designed choices like front lace wig based on your requirements. 

If you are heading to purchase a wig for the first time, here are a few factors you must pay attention to without fail. 

Style of the Wig

With wigs making it big in the hair industry, no hairstyle is out of your reach. If you plan to opt for hair a accessory like a front lace wig, consider your style requirements foremost. 

Are you looking for straight or curly hair? Do you want long or bob-length tresses? Are you interested in a tint of colour along the length? Once you know the answers to all such questions, you can pick the perfect wig for your dream look. 

Comfortable and Easy Fitting

Ready to dip your toes in the faux hair world and try various looks? If yes, don’t forget to prioritise comfort above all. The chosen wig should match your head shape and completely hide your original hairline. 

Otherwise, the whole ensemble will look unrealistic, and you will feel out of place. Therefore, while purchasing lace wigs, always know your head size and pick the desired piece only after confirming its fitting. 

Manufacturing Process 

The complexity of the wig structure is a testimonial of the detailed manufacturing process that ensues in the background. You have the option to choose between hand-woven and machine-made lace wigs. 

The former alternative is more costly as it requires more preparation time and gives a seamless, natural look. On the other hand, the latter option is more versatile and can work with different hair accessories or combs. Based on your budget and usage, you can pick the right product. 

Hair Material Used

You will find many wig options in the market, ranging from human hair to synthetic fibre. Regarding natural hair wigs, there are no limitations on styling options. You can heat style or colour the piece however you want. As such, these products are costlier. 

You can consider synthetic wigs if you are looking for more budget-friendly options. You’ll get different qualities and shelf life duration based on your willingness to spend.

Wig Cap Size 

You might think that frontal lace wigs have no caps underneath because of their lifelike appearance. However, that’s not true at all. Such wigs have a sheer mesh fabric sewed in the front. 

It is available in multiple sizes: kids, small, medium, large, etc. It is always better to check the size guide provided with the product.

Wrapping Up 

A hair wig might seem like a relatively new beauty concept, but it’s not. People first started using them in 1675. However, with time, the quality and style of such hair pieces have entirely changed. 

Today, you can choose different wig styles and hardly spot the difference between real and faux hair. You can pick a front lace wig for an undetectable natural look with the same hairline. 

However, be mindful of the quality, comfort and size of the product you plan to buy.