Consume milk every day if you don’t want to suffer from bone health problems… This was something I grew up hearing. I was not very fond of milk and my mother always ensured that all of us siblings were getting enough calcium. 

Well, she has got her reasons for this because the problem of weaker bones was there in our family. Arthritis was a problem in my paternal family and it ran through our genetics. My grandfather even had to visit many best orthopedic surgeons in Karachi in her late years for joint replacement surgery. Keeping this in mind, my mother always focussed on our bones’ health. 

No matter if you have any such problems in your family or not, taking care of your bone health is a must. When it comes to making stronger bones, the role of calcium-rich foods can’t be denied. Yes, the calcium you get from milk. One should always consume enough calcium to help himself build stronger bones. Daily calcium requirements can vary from person to person and depend upon many factors. You can try to fulfill your daily calcium requirements by making wise food choices. 

What are Some of the Calcium Rich Foods?

There are many calcium-rich foods that you need in your diet. These food choices can vary from person to person. Want to know more about the foods that can help you to fulfill your calcium requirements, you are probably at the right place. Here are some of the calcium-rich foods you can depend upon.

1- Dairy

Dairy products are one of the primary sources of calcium. Dairy products contain high calcium content. You can start drinking milk daily to fulfill your calcium requirements. Other than calcium, yogurt and cheese are other good sources of calcium. Dairy is surely the most convenient choice to make; however, some people may not feel like choosing dairy either because of personal preference or intolerance. 

2- Chia seeds

Next in the list of calcium-rich foods come chia-seeds that can be one of the healthiest choices. Many people use chia seeds to lose weight. Yes, I am talking about the tiny dark-colored seeds you add to your morning cereal or soak in water. What if I tell you that chia-seeds are  rich in calcium. So, other than being good for your heart health and your body, chia seeds can help you to build stronger bones as well. You can consume them the way you want and get enough calcium.

3- Green vegetables

After milk and seeds, comes the raw and fresh vegetables. Leafy green vegetables are particularly high in calcium. Some of the common choices can be kale, spinach, and other greens. Other than calcium, you also get iron and other healthy nutrients from these vegetables as well. Add them to your diet either raw or cooked and pave your path to healthy bones. 

4- Soybeans

When it comes to choosing calcium-rich foods, soy comes as a favorable option. Soybeans are a complex food that is not only a good source of protein but is also required for calcium homeostasis in your body. Soybeans and soy milk, both of these are bone-healthy due to being rich in calcium. Further, soy also helps to improve your heart health and can improve menopause symptoms in women. So, yes next time you are preparing your grocery list, don’t forget to add soybeans and soy milk to your diet.

5- Cereals

Cereals are some of the greatest options when it comes to choosing calcium-rich foods. Whenever you are going to pick up cereals, there are hundreds of different options you come across. Fortified cereals are  ruling the market now. These fortified cereals are rich in calcium and can provide you with enough calcium. Per serving of these cereals is high in calcium. You can further add milk, chia seeds and almonds to them to enhance their health benefits. 

Bottom Line!

Calcium is one of the healthiest minerals when it comes to building stronger bones. Adding more and more calcium to your diet can keep your bones stronger. You can add calcium-rich foods to your diet as per your personal preference and fulfill your daily requirements which may vary according to your gender and age. However, be mindful that you also need to add enough vitamin D to your diet alongside calcium. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium you intake via food. Further, routine checkups can also help you to keep bone problems at a bay.

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