Pets often require timely rewards to feel motivated and follow instructions. Good food can be an excellent perk to make your dog do tasks. Although you can feed your pet mouth-watering readymade treats, organic CBD dog treats are better if you want to prioritize your dog’s health.

What Are Organic CBD Dog Treats?

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component found majorly in hemp plants. Reports suggest that CBD-infused dog foods can aid your dog in managing pain, allergies, digestive issues, and anxiety. CBD for dogs is generally available in various textures, sizes, and flavors.

In this article, we have picked five organic CBD products that will improve the appetite of your pups besides enhancing their overall wellness.

1.   CBDfx Dog Tincture

CBDfx CBD oil tincture for dogs is an essential product giving your pets the calming benefits of broad-spectrum organic CBD. The product improves your dog’s overall wellness by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The tincture is beneficial for pups with nerve-related issues. The tincture can help relieve joint pain in older and active dogs.

Regarding sizes and flavors, CBDfx is known for its variety. The tincture is available in an all-natural and delicious chicken flavoring, and you can mix it in your dog’s food. The product is sold in 250 mg packages for pups under 20 lb. You can also opt for 500 mg if you have a medium-sized dog (21-60 lb) or 1000 mg for big canines (more than 60 lb). Along with tinctures, CBDfx offers delicious CBD dog treats in unique flavors.

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2.   Royal CBD Dog Treats

As your dear pet dog ages and grows, its requirements change. With time, you should make appropriate changes to your dog’s diet. Royal CBD offers you three types of treat recipes. Their calming dog foods are suitable for keeping your dogs relaxed, especially if they have chronic anxiety issues. These treats are available in a delicious peanut butter apple flavor. The hearty treats help to improve your dog’s immunity and cardiovascular health. Lastly, the Active Treats from Royal CBD is perfect for dogs undergoing training, as these support enhanced mobility. Moreover, Active Treats come flavored with the taste of pumpkins, making them yummier for your pet dogs.

All three CBD treats are processed from organic hemp-derived CBD. The treats are made with vegan superfoods, which come in delicious natural flavors. While Royal CBD has various flavors to address your dog’s unique taste buds, you can purchase the bundle pack that contains all three recipes. 

3.   Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats from Honest Paws are made from organic and full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and cater to versatile breeds of dogs. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety issues, mobility problems, or general ill health, Honest Paws has a product for every dog. 

Soft Chews, a special treat from the house of Honest Paws, is excellent dog food for pets having anxiety and mobility issues. Another of their specialties, Crunchy Bite treats, is a perfect recipe to alleviate pain and inflammation and support wellness.

Dog owners concerned with the efficacy of CBD dog treats would be happy to know that Honest Paws CBD dog recipes are lab-tested for safety and quality. Moreover, Honest Paws dog treats are affordable and easy to administer. You simply need to follow the instructions on the packaging and select the dose according to your dog’s body weight.

4.   Joy Organics Dog Treats

If you are worried about the nutrients in dog foods, Joy Organics’s CBD treats are entirely THC-free, and the ingredients are processed naturally. Their soft and chewy treats are rich in phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. This tasty recipe contains water-soluble CBD powder and other high-quality elements like natural bacon flavor.

Joy Organics CBD dog foods are also lab tested, and the products are entirely safe for your pet dogs. As additional benefits, all orders from Joy Organics come with free shipping and a money-back guarantee.

5.   Charlotte’s Web Dog Treats

Charlotte’s Web dog foods are designed for the comprehensive well-being of your pet dogs. As your pet dogs grow older, they can develop serious health issues such as joint pain, arthritis, and cognitive decline. Older dogs are also prone to anxiety issues. If you are searching for a brand that develops dog food products with such issues in mind, you may consider Charlotte’s Web. 

The company’s dog chews are an excellent item for senior canines that have problems chewing hard treats. Its Calming Chews are prepared with a mixture of valerian root, naturally occurring CBD, and chamomile that assist your dogs in calming down. Their unique Hip & Joint formula has chondroitin and glucosamine that help improve your dog’s mobility. It also boosts your dog’s brain health and enhances cognitive functions.

The Bottom Line

Organic CBD dog foods are an excellent option to address your dog’s joint health issues while fulfilling its nutritional needs. Hemp-derived CBD is entirely non-psychoactive, and you don’t need to worry about side effects. Follow the dosage guidelines according to your dog’s age, weight, and underlying health issues.