Thinking about changing your office chairs for better comfort? Letting go of old office chairs and getting a well-designed chair like the Herman Miller office chair is a good idea.

Though, it’s not only about the money. The chair you sit in is one of the most vital components of office ergonomics. It can help workers function in comfort and improve productivity. It also improves the look and feel of the office.

So, this information will help you determine why and when your office chair needs replacing. 

Determining Whether Your Office Chair Needs Replacing

A poor-quality chair is detrimental to your back health. How?

Statistics show that an average human will spend 29.75 per cent of their life sitting down. More so if you’re at a desk job. Every day most people go to work and sit down in the same chair. It means that it’s vital to have a good office chair. 

Finding out whether your office chair needs replacing is the first step to keeping your back health in check. 

Here are the top 4 signs indicating it’s time to get a new one.

1. Progressing Aches and Body Pains

A sure sign that your chair needs replacement is if it becomes uncomfortable to sit on after a few hours. Some minor fixes may help resolve the issue. But if your can sense progressing aches and pains in your body, getting a brand-new office chair can help.

It’s a clear sign that the best days of your existing office chairs are over, and it’s time to part ways. 

2. Insufficient Lumber Support

You should never underestimate and overlook the support your chair offers. Sitting on a chair for long can take a toll on your body and worsen your posture. 

If your office chair does not support the natural shape of your spine, it’s time to look for a better chair manufactured to suit and maintain posture and comfort, such as the Herman Miller office chair that provides the lumbar support you need.

3. Visible Signs of Damage

Is your chair broken or missing wheels? Are the armchairs torn or damaged? More than comfort, it’s a safety issue that you must consider. 

While repairing minor problems can make the chair work for a few more months, you should not ignore the significant signs of damage. It always starts with small repairs. So, after minor repairs, keep an eye out for more damage. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself sitting on the floor in no time.

4. Flattened Seat and Back Cushion

Over prolonged use, the cushion starts to settle down and compress. But most people overlook this part as our body gets used to less cushioning over time. 

The cushion of the office chair is a crucial component and provides lumber support, preventing body aches. Less cushioning means less support, and anyone suffering from back and body pains knows its effect on life. So, replace your office chair before it’s too late.

Getting a New Office Chair

If you find the above signs in your office chair, changing them is the right thing to do. Ensure that you don’t get trapped in a spiral of discomfort. 

A good office chair makes you feel comfortable and at ease when working so that you can concentrate on the task and work peacefully. Not to mention your morale is improved while walking into your office. Do your research and find a chair that floats your boat in the office. 

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