Birth injuries are those utterly devastating experiences that no one ever imagines their child going through until they do. Frighteningly, many of them could have been prevented were it not for the negligence and poor decision-making of the hospital and medical professionals involved. 

Even seemingly innocuous judgments can have huge, detrimental effects on the health of the child and cost the family a lump sum amount of money, emotional turmoil, and resources to cater to their injured child. 

Some common examples of medical malpractices during childbirth:

  • Improper or negligent prenatal scanning of maternal infections
  • Excessive use of force during delivery 
  • Administering the wrong drug or dosage
  • Mishandling of delivery tools such as forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Delayed or premature delivery that harms the child

The consequences are devastating for the child. They include:

  • Long-term facial, brachial (Erb’s), and/or cognitive (Cerebral) paralysis 
  • Impaired motor skills 
  • Stunted growth and disrupted posture 
  • Physical disabilities 
  • Neurological development disorders 

In addition, the impacts on the mother and family are also dire:

  • High expenditure on medical treatment, therapy, surgery, etc. 
  • Resources are needed to take care of a special needs child
  • Infertility, internal bleeding disorders, and painful infections for the mother
  • Life-long emotional trauma 

Therefore, your first step should be to seek help from legal aid birth injury firms. Only after consulting and then hiring a capable birth injury attorney can you adopt a robust plan to demand rightful compensation for your child. 

Let’s explore four qualities to look for while hiring a birth injury attorney.

  1. Their area of expertise should cater to your problem

Birth injury lawyers can have different areas they specialize in, and that makes sense when you think of the hundreds of different types of preventable birth injuries that can occur.

A lawyer who has worked previously on several cases like yours has already done a lot of research on your child’s injury. They will also be more connected to resources and trained medical professionals to consult for the specific type of medical malpractice your child has suffered.

If you’re not sure exactly what kind, consult a birth injury lawyer to determine the cause and then hire the specific one you need for the job. Nowadays, many consultations are free, allowing you room to choose the right type of lawyer. For example, if your child is suffering from Cerebral Palsy, then hiring an expert in this area would be the better choice than a jack of all trades.

  • They should be close to you

We mean this both literally in terms of distance and figuratively; that is, you must feel comfortable relaying all your concerns to them.

Look for a firm close by so that you find lawyers well versed in the law and statute of limitations in your region. It will save you time and prevent you from hiring a lawyer who can make errors in court that damage your case’s credibility and validation.

A lawyer bears a huge responsibility on their shoulders and thus, should be easily accessible to answer all your queries and available to handle the court proceedings whenever the need arises.

  • They should be persuasive and understanding

A lawyer who paints a complete picture of your problem, its consequences, and its solutions to the court is the lawyer you should be looking for. And this hails from an understanding nature and impeccable communication and persuasive skills.

Moreover, a lawyer who is known to put his heart and soul into their work instead of worrying about the fees they will be paid is more likely to prioritize your case and do their utmost best to win it. That is why it is always recommended to hire a birth injury lawyer who works on contingency fees; that is, they only charge you once you’ve won the lawsuit. This also comes as a huge relief to families who don’t have the resources to pay their lawyer until and unless they’ve won the settlement money.

A great way to get such a lawyer would be to ask friends and family for references. If they have already had such cases of their own, they’ll be able to holistically guide you into landing a tried and tested lawyer for your case.

  • Perseverance under stress

Courts are notorious for being distressing, stressful, and downright brutal, especially when it comes to lawsuits against wealthy and well-reputed parties like hospitals and medical professionals.

Therefore, your lawyer must be experienced in handling the pressure that comes with it, and this comes only by working on many cases before yours and having a mild-tempered personality.

It is not only essential but recommended to hire an experienced lawyer with a good reputation for handling birth injury cases. This will increase your chance of winning the lawsuit with less hassle.

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Instead of slinging blind accusations, a lawyer with all the above-mentioned qualities makes you well prepared to handle the court proceedings and any challenges it will throw your way. The lawyer is fully polished in this niche and knows their way around to success.