Copper bathtubs are the bold statement your bathroom has been waiting for. Unlike other bathtub materials that blend into the design, copper becomes the centre of attention in your bathroom. In addition, you can use it alongside other complementary fixtures or choose a contrast to make the bathtub stand out. 

CopperSmith bathtubs come in a variety of ready-to-fit and custom-made designs. So, a copper bathtub is perfect if you want a showstopper piece for your bathroom. You can choose a traditional white bathtub, but nothing about it will stand out or make a statement. However, copper is a bold element that helps set your bathroom’s tone for the rest of its designs. Here are four advantages of having a copper bathtub.

1. Antibacterial Properties

According to studies, bacteria cannot last more than a few hours on copper. This is a significant difference between copper and stainless steel or other materials. This property means you don’t require disinfectant or antibacterial products for your CopperSmith bathtubs. Copper bathtubs are safer for your bathroom and cleaner than other materials. This also makes them easy to care for as they will not require any maintenance.

2. Restorative Properties

Copper is known to restore joint movement by reducing swelling caused by sports injuries, tendonitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, and rheumatism. Whenever you use your bathtub, your skin absorbs small amounts of copper. Unlike other anti-inflammatory drugs, this element helps relieve inflammation and has no side effects.

In addition, copper is an excellent treatment for wrinkles. Most anti-aging products contain copper as an ingredient because it assists in collagen production, which in turn helps fill fine lines and tighten your skin. As you enjoy a bath, the copper amounts you absorb help in skin regeneration.

3. Beautiful and Durable

Copper is a durable material that allows you to enjoy your bathtub for a long time without worrying about repairs. In addition, it doesn’t rust or crack, unlike other bathtub materials, regardless of the length and frequency of its use. Besides durability, copper becomes more beautiful as it ages. Your CopperSmith bathtub will naturally deepen depending on its colour, tone, and environment.

4. Self-healing Properties

Copper is highly resilient and cannot be destroyed easily. If your bathtub gets a scratch, do not worry because it will heal itself. With time, you will not notice where the scratch was as it will finally look like the rest of the bathtub. This feature gives you peace of mind because you don’t need special tools or processes to fix scratches. Within a short time, it darkens and gradually blends back to the original bathtub colour.


A copper bathtub is not only a showpiece. You and your loved ones will enjoy using it over the years. CopperSmith bathtubs are beautiful and practical. They ensure your bath water remains hot for longer to allow you to feel comfortable and have an excellent soaking experience every time. So, try a copper bathtub if you want to upgrade your bathroom.