Copyright violations are prevalent online on the Internet. Many YouTubers use copyrighted music in their videos and often do not realize the consequences.

YouTube is stringent regarding Copyright and could make your video unavailable or even deactivate your account for copyright violations. Be aware when using music on the content of your YouTube videos.

Here are three ways that you can legally use copyrighted music on YouTube videos. YouTube videos:

1. Work that you can use is in the public domain

Copyrighted music loses its copyright rights after a specific period and is placed into the public domain. Therefore, tune in that domain remains freely available for anyone to use. In the US, every music or song published before 1922 is considered in the public domain.

For more details on the public domain of music, please visit the Public Domain Information Project website. The site has assembled a list of works that have lost their copyright protection over time. But, don’t solely trust the information provided on the site. Conduct your research to verify that a song has an original copyright date of 1922 or later. If you’re outside of the US, make sure you check the laws of your country to determine the legality of music in the public domain.

2. Get permission or license to copyright the content

You will need the authorization to use music that isn’t in the realm of the public domain. Stanford University Libraries have highlighted the steps necessary to obtain permission to use copyrighted work.

  • Check if a copyrighted piece requires permission.
  • Determine the owner who originally owned the content.
  • Determine the rights that are required.
  • Contact the owner to negotiate the amount of payment.
  • Make sure you have the authorization agreement in the form of a written document.

Be aware of the copyright conditions for the music you’re using. This is because some songs have both copyrights on the piece and the recording of the song. Therefore, you’ll need to acquire two licenses to use the theme. Visit avple for free video sharing.

  1.  You can use the music in YouTube videos using the Creative Commons license.

Certain YouTubers are granted their Creative Commons license to let their work be available to others for use. YouTube enables users to label their videos using CC BY permission. Users can use the videos for commercial or non-commercial uses utilizing this feature of the YouTube video Editor. If you create a YouTube video by using Creative Commons content, the video’s title will automatically be attributed to the player. Here are the steps you can follow to search for Creative Commons content on YouTube:

Step 1: Perform a search

Step 2: Click “Filters. “Filters” option

Step 3: Click “Creative Commons” under “Features.”

The fourth step is to ensure that the Creative Commons license will cover all videos shown in the search results.

Copyright violations can be punished by law. The best method to prevent Copyright violations is to make original content. However, you must be aware of ways to use copyrighted content on YouTube legally. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t get punished for copyright violations.

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